Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Baby Shower - It Will Be Wonderful - Right?

Yesterday I spent some time planning for Fran's baby shower which will be on April 25th at our house. As I said in an earlier post I have invited over 40 people and so I am praying for beautiful New Jersey Spring weather so that some people will gather outside and everyone will be comfortable.

When I planned Fran's bridal shower with her wedding party I kept it a surprise which is a whole other project. But that's the way I thought it was done. Since then I've learned that these events don't have to be a surprise and indeed brides and mothers-to-be are involved in the details of planning for the shower. Now I'm not sure which way is easier. Just getting past invitations was a project. After much shopping - I'm usually the one stop type -we bought some beautiful baby shower paper at the local party store and designed the invitations together. They really did come out quite adorable and my husband helped with getting them ready to mail. Then, by mutual agreement, Fran resigned from baby shower planning.

I hope she will be reading the blog so I can't tell all of the secrets beforehand. There will be a surprise or two. But now besides food - I'm experienced and good at that - I have to learn what will make for a good baby shower. I'm not much into the games thing. But I really enjoyed the decorate onesies project that Fran and I both did at Umang's shower. In fact when her husband came at the end of the shower and chose his favorite, it was Fran's that won. I hope we'll be able to set up this project outside if its a nice day. I really am looking forward to opening lots of cute and necessary baby things.

Does anyone have baby shower activities that you enjoyed and recommend? I'd love to hear your ideas. Please leave your comments.

Almost Grandma Marion

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Kayris said...

I didn't have games at either of my baby showers, and I'm not much of a game person, so that was fine. We had plenty of food and conversation instead and that was fine.

However, at my SIL's shower, one of the games was each person got a tiny plastic pacifier on a piece of yarn, and you had to NOT say the word "cute" while the mom-to-be was opening her gifts. It's harder than you think! The last person to have their paci won a prize.

The baby food game was also fun, the host covered the labels on the jars with paper and you had to guess what each one was based on what it looked like. I had a one year old at the time, so I got them all right and I won a prize.