Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hold Your Horses Zach!

Fran’s baby shower was last weekend and we had beautiful sunny, warm weather here in NJ. So we were able to celebrate with 40 people comfortably inside and outside. I planned to write about the shower during the week but by the time I was recovered and clean-up had progressed to everything was washed but not put back in its place, we had more baby excitement.

On Wednesday night after dinner Fran began to have regular contractions. When she called her doctor, he told her to go to the hospital and she was there until Friday. She had contractions from Wednesday night until late Thursday afternoon. They were pretty regular but not that intense and she did not dilate. She had magnesium sulfate intravenously to help stop them. On Thursday morning Fran looked exhausted and pretty awful, but by nighttime the contractions had stopped and she was able to eat dinner. She looked much better and we all breathed a sigh of relief. Josh also had to go through this and spent both nights in the hospital with Fran.

During all this she was pretty well hooked up with IVs, fetal monitoring on one side and monitoring of her on the other side. It was quite a project when she had to go to the bathroom.

The main concern at this stage of development - 33 weeks - is lack of lung development. So Fran also had 4 steroid shots at 12 hour intervals in order to aid lung development. Fran came home on Friday afternoon but has to be on moderate bed rest.

All was quiet most of the weekend until this (Sunday) afternoon when regular contractions began again. However, another trip to the hospital and Fran still was not dilating. The doctor sent her home and said that they would not try to stop labor again. If Zach insists, he will be born. There doesn't seem to be any chance he will wait until his due date - June 17th. The doctor guessed that she would deliver in not more that 5 to 10 days.

On Saturday I went shopping and bought Fran a blue nightgown at Macys to wear in the hospital after Zach is born. It will be a Mother’s Day gift if she holds out that long. I also have a pretty blue flowered silk robe which was my mother’s for her to use in the hospital. I feel like I still have some adrenaline flowing from the week’s activities but I also feel more confident about how I’ll do being there for her, Zach and Josh.

I’m ready Zach, but please - Hold Your Horses!!!!! - As long as you can!

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