Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Perspective of the Grandfather-to-Be

My first guest blogger on this blog is my husband Hugh - the grandfather-to-be. Here is his story of anticipation as he awaits the arrival of his first grandchild.

I’ve daydreamed about grandchildren in recent years and now it’s becoming a reality. I was a very happy and involved father and I expect to find a suitable role when my grandchild is here. Exactly what that roll is will depend. But the first step for me as for everyone else will be to bond. I expect to hold him or her often and to talk and hum tunes and smell smells and generally get used to each other. And I hope to especially have that privilege at mealtimes when the family is gathered all around.

Sitting down together for meals has always been a cornerstone of our family life. No matter how busy we are we put special value on that particular time. Marion and I did from the earliest time in our marriage and we built on that with the children and have carried it on to this day. It isn’t just a meal. It’s special time together. The food may be plain or fancy (I prefer fancy). Conversation may be serious or silly (usually silly). Opinions may come together or be far apart (no comment). But no matter what, that time is our time. We are what we are and we share it and enjoy it. And now we will have a special new person at the table. My guess is that he or she will steal the show!

A little further in the future I look forward to swinging my grandchild on a swing. I know it will take time to get big enough and he or she may or may not be interested. But I hope that will work out. There’s something special about pushing a child on a swing and being outdoors together and singing songs like “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” or “Row Your Boat” or “Zippity Do Da”.

I wonder what my grandchild will call me. I prefer Pop, which is what everybody called my mother’s father. But Pop, Grandpa, Granddad, whatever, it’ll be a wonderful sound coming from my grandchild.


Marion's Note: This picture of Hugh is at the 40+ year old swing frame in our backyard that Hugh plans to paint and buy a new baby swing for. Fran always loved to swing as a child and we think the love of swinging will undoubtedly be in our grandchild's genes. I'd love to have your comments about grandfathering - please leave your comments to share with our growing cadre of readers.

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Groovy Gram said...

I enjoyed reading the post from the future "Pop." I'd like to see his post about the day you get the call that it's "time." As Mothers and Grandmothers we're pretty much celebratory about everything, especially when it comes to our babies! It would be interesting to see things from a Dad and "Pop" point of view.
I only knew one Grandpa growing up and he was definitely not your stereotypical Grandpa. He was very N.Y., very Chicago. He taught us how to bet on the "ponies" and I was only 5 yrs. old when he taught me how to count the deck in blackjack! =) A little piece of info. that has come in handy from time to time.. ;) Another wonderful memory is that if Grandpa was visiting when one of us kids lost a tooth, the "Tooth Fairy" always left us a $5 dollar bill on our nightstand, quite a jump from the standard quarter or fifty cents.
One of my biggest life lessons, one that goes straight to the core of who I am, I learned from my Grandpa... I have a sister with epilepsy and when my Grandma and Grandpa were visiting my sister had a seizure. My Grandma immediately wanted to leave, she thought it was a personal situation and that she and my Grandpa shouldn't be there but my Grandpa wouldn't budge. He said to my Grandma, "What's the matter with you? I wouldn't leave a dying dog in a ditch. This is my grand-daughter." And he sat down on the couch.
I carry those words with me everyday and am certain his compassion lives on thru all of us.