Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Zach Observations from Grandpa

Here is another guest post by my husband. He seems to be getting into this blogging thing.

Zachary is very involved in family discussions. When visiting, he sits on my lap after dinner and participates fully in the chat. He babbles up a storm and waves his arms around so much you would think he was conducting the Philharmonic! He has no trouble getting attention when speaking; he’s like an attention magnet!

We have fun together too. He finds peak-a-boo to be moderately interesting but really gets a chuckle from me blowing bubbles on his toes! Grandpa, what are you doing? It turns out that the most fun of all is to stand up with minimal help. That always gets a super big smile from Zach. If a baby were alone in the forest and stood up, would he still smile? I think this one would!

Zach’s starting to be interested in song. I’ll admit I’m not the best singer in the world but I try to make up for quality with enthusiasm. He enjoys watching my silly hand and finger action when I sing Five Bottles of Beer on the Wall. I’m not sure if he’s wondering why I hold up fewer fingers with each verse or if he’s checking my math in case I slip up. We recently started singing the Hokey-Pokey where we put Zach’s right hand in and take Zach’s right hand out…

Visual things seem more interesting to Zach than any singing I do. For example, he likes contrast such as between light from a window and dark of the wall. He likes a particular striped shirt I wear. He likes the playthings Fran puts over him in his play gym. It’s all beauty and wonder to him. Someday he’ll enjoy that about a sunset or a campfire or a starry night.

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