Monday, August 10, 2009

Zach Tidbits

Well I am going to try to post more often as not every post should be some major event. Here are just some “Zach Tidbits.”

My daughter has bought a small pool and Zach loves spending hot summer afternoons in the pool. His Mom is a great swimmer and she is of those people who can hold her breadth forever underwater. So Zach – I bet swimming is in your future.

I am having a wonderful time introducing Zach to new people and they all seem to enjoy seeing my transformation into a beaming grandmother.

I went to the flea market at our summer community on Saturday and noticed something that I haven’t noticed before. There were great values on toys for young children and all the customers in this section were young children and grandmothers. Parents are hoping to rid themselves of more of this stuff but grandmothers all think it is cute and looks like lots of fun. I bought the most adorable lawnmower for a toddler…maybe next summer Zach – I have it stored in a safe place. Some friends were buying toys such as a tractor and a vacuum cleaner. What fun! I haven’t shopped for this kind of stuff…well in a generation!

Sometimes Zach looks like he is sleeping but he really isn’t. We know this because if you try to lie him down he immediately is awake. My daughter has this look pretty down pat. She calls it his “Grandma Look.” His brow is slightly furrowed and Fran says “He is thinking and concentrating like his Grandmother always does.”

Well that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed the tidbits. Please leave a comment with some of your own tidbits about you and your grandchildren. People who read this blog also mention the comments to me and so they are read.

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