Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting Ready for Baptism

Zach will be baptized very soon so we are once again in the getting ready for a big party at the house mode. This one is actually trickier than the shower because we will all be at church and then the reception is immediately following at our house. For Fran’s baby shower I put the men to work as the staff but the grandfather, father and godfather should get to enjoy the baptism party and not just be working.

So what to do? First of all cater some of the food rather than prepare all of it myself. I’ve hired one of my son’s friends who is an experienced server to receive the catered food and manage setup while we are at church. My son hopes they will still be friends and she will still like me when she finishes working for me for a day. I have tried to assure him, to no avail, that with her experience as a server she will be fine handling this project. And of course, there won’t be any “activities” like decorating onesies to manage. There is a big surprise planned for the cake that Fran and Josh are planning but I am not writing about that now – I will after the event though.

Here is a great picture of Zach with Aunt Sonny. I love this picture of them both smiling – they seem so happy together. On Tuesday, we had family dinner and read through the Baptism service. That stimulated a lengthy conversation on theology and the choice of words and use of gender references in the service. It was a great way to get ready to become a godparent.

If the weather cooperates, the Baptism will be outside, in the Memorial Garden of our church. Fran, Zach and I visited the church yesterday when we dropped off paperwork and it will be a beautiful place for the Baptism. Zach loves being outdoors - I can picture him looking up at the sky and the beautiful greenery in the garden and being perfectly content to be baptized. He will be wearing the same baptismal outfit that my son, his godfather, wore 25 years ago. Well, that is my vision of his Baptism at this point in time anyway.

I’ll keep that image in my mind as I all working on the preparations – cleaning the house, getting paper products, ordering some catered food, preparing some food myself, checking with Josh’s mother on a few details, arranging flowers – oh and some Mumms for the front porch and patio, getting my son up extra early to set up tables in the yard. Oh well, I actually love entertaining so I’ll just keep focused on the blessings of the day and the fun of having a party. Oh, and God, another beautiful day like we had for Fran’s baby shower would be very much appreciated.

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