Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zach's Baptism

I have only one word that best describes Zach's Baptism - Perfect!

Last Sunday was Zach’s Baptism and it was such a glorious day that I was speechless and I am just getting to writing about it now. For several days before Sunday it was rainy and cold here. The forecast for Sunday was sunny and warmer but we were prepared for any kind of weather. I should have known that Zach always brings beautiful weather as he did for Fran’s baby shower. He’s officially invited to all of my parties as our good weather charm.

Zach was baptized outside, in the church garden under a beautiful sunny sky and cool September light breeze. He was dressed in his godfather’s (my son) baptismal outfit and he was a perfect angel. The congregation was all smiles and the family was full of pride as he looked like his hands were clasped in prayer for this picture of him as our Rector baptized him. He continued to cooperate in Church for the Eucharist service and anointing of oil.

This picture of Zach with his parents, Fran and Josh and godparents, Hugh and Sonny and our Rector, Diana is one of my favorites.

I wasted a lot of time cleaning my house the week before the Baptism. The reception was at our house but since the weather was so nice the only time anyone went inside was to the kitchen for food or the bathroom. We had set up tables outside and that’s where we all stayed. Fran and Josh arranged for the cake which was made at Carlos Bakery in Hoboken - the famous "Cake Boss" on TV. (We all love that show.)

It was wonderful that some of Zach’s young cousins were here to help us celebrate and stood up front during the Baptism in the garden. Zach cooperated at the reception also and didn’t mind at all being passed around and held by many people - some of them meeting him for the first time. Zach's other grandmother, Doris, made beautiful favors with tags marked "Bless Zachary Michael 9/13/09" Doris is the crafty grandmother - I am going to have to bring different skills to the table.

I’m finishing this post with a few more pictures to show off – Zach with his parents during the Baptism (notice he still has white socks on – they are soon gone), being shown off by his godparents and being held by our Rector right before he is baptized.

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