Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas - Today's Feature: Baby Genius

Today’s product review swings to the other end of the spectrum from yesterday’s review and features toys made by Baby Genius and available only at Walmart. Baby Genius is 10 years old so although it is an established company it is a new name to many of us grandparents.

At the A Time to Play Holiday Showcase I had the opportunity to look over some of the new toys in the Baby Genius product line. They are introducing 24 new toys for infants - pre-school ages. The toys are music and activity based. I was told that they cost about 20% less than the competitive product but I have not personally checked it out in stores.

Some of the new toys that caught my eye:

The Singing Bus: This bus with little people plays “The Wheels on the Bus.” All of us grandparents remember that one – Guess what? It’s still popular.

Pet Care Center – Our kids had doctor and nurse kits but I saw two products featuring veterinary care. This is definitely a modern twist and there is much more veterinary care than there used to be. This toy has a small dog, stethoscope, and other care items and the carry all for it is a “pet carrier.” This may be a good toy for young children who have pets to learn about and not be afraid of their pet going to the vet.

This is a reasonably priced line of toys with items beginning at $5.

Visit the Baby Genius website for more information on the complete line, the Parent’s Lounge AND you can download for free 18 songs in the “Circle of Education” designed to help pre-schoolers get ready for school. The songs feature themes like washing hands and taking turns.

Baby Genius website

A Time to Play Magazine

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