Sunday, October 11, 2009

Holiday Gift Planning - See a New Article Every Day This Week

On October 1st I went to my first industry event as a grandma blogger. Marissa Connelly at Litzky Publications in Hoboken invited me to a huge media event in New York sponsored by A Time to Play magazine.
A Time to Play Magazine

As an aside - visit their website now as they are having a daily patchwork quilt giveaway contest every day this week.

The holiday showcase featured large and small companies introducing new toys for the holidays. And they weren’t just in boxes. I got to interview company representatives, see the products up close and have all their features demonstrated. I was in the “online media” group and that included many mommy bloggers and from looking around I would say one grandma blogger(that would be me). But guess what? Some company representatives really perked up when I mentioned The Grandma Chronicles and were delighted to have a new entree to this market.

Anyway I decided in advance what my niche would be – items that grandparents would be interested in for children under 5. That focus will probably be adjusted in a few years but it represents where I am right now. This week I plan to post a bunch of articles about the products I learned about. Originally I planned to write just three articles and group them but then that seemed like a big project – Instead each company that I write about will be featured in one article.

I will be providing some articles on small companies that you may have to buy the product online but you won’t have to worry about duplicates –it will be a unique offering.

On the New Grandparents Group at that I moderate there are grandparents who are concerned about being able to afford great gifts for their grandchildren and so I am featuring some interesting possibilities priced under $20.
New Grandparents Group at

One of my favorite categories are products with characters and names we remember like Richard Scarry that are still around with some updated twists.

So be sure to check back every day as you never know when a new product article will appear. And post your comments too!

I had a wonderful time at A Time to Play 2009 Holiday Showcase and I sure hope Marissa invites me again next year.

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