Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Was Great Fun and Had a Little Surprise Too

Halloween is always fun in our neighborhood. We have sidewalks and the houses are not too far apart. Everyone decorates for the season and mums, pumpkins, and haystacks abound. We have our share of those who go the extra mile with webs, scarecrows, etc. It is the type of neighborhood that parents drive their kids to for Trick or Treating. Frequently the kids are in groups and the parent groups stay at the sidewalk as children come to the door. It is a social event for the parents and children. The toddlers whose mother grew up across the street were trick or treating with parents, grandparents and aunt. What a proud entourage! I always offer candy or an alternative and the non-candy choices of play doh, stickers and pencils were very popular this year. I can personally attest that High School Musical stickers are popular even with older girls.

Halloween is always a time when we remember one of the reasons we have stayed put in our strong family oriented neighborhood for 25 years. Although we keep hearing that Trick or Treating is on the decline because of so many worries parents have to deal with these days, it is alive and well in an old fashioned, fun way on our block.

This year was extra enjoyable because of Zach. His parents, dressed in orange shirts with Zach in this scarecrow costume had fun visiting the neighbors but declined the candy treats. Zach was intrigued by the children that seemed to come to our door nonstop and since it was a mild night he was able to be at the open door for quite a while. Princesses, ladybugs, sports heroes and just some face makeup all seemed to catch his eye.

One interesting thing that happened this Halloween was that a boy about 10 years old proudly offered me a piece of chocolate on a card with a great picture of smiling children and a big Thank You note. It was compliments of which promotes Fair Trade products. What a great promotional idea!

Hope You Had a Happy Halloween!

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Unknown said...

Wow, the thank you note must a have been a great surprise! Restores faith in our community and the next generation. I must say with the exception of one group of children, the 3 hours worth of other children were very polite, gracious, and a pleasure to see.