Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A "Green" Update to a Timeless Toy - EnviroBLOX

A timeless toy for children is a building toy. All children enjoy blocks, Legos Tinker Toy, Lincoln Logs or any building set. At A Time to Play Holiday Showcase I got to see up close a modern green version of building blocks - EnviroBLOX by Cadaco toys. This award winning new idea featured on the Today Show and Regis and Kelly is really quite creative. The building "blocks" which are made of cornstarch are flexible, biodegradeable and nontoxic. When they are moistened with a sponge they stick together. The fun part for me is that they change shape so that you can build them into whatever shape you want. They come in sets of various sizes and each set has suggested designs to build. EnviroBLOX are recommended for Ages 4 and up.

I have been staying away from reviewing videogames and electronic gadgets and sticking to discussing toys that grandparents will like and may even play with with their grandchildren. EnviroBLOX fits that bill. I highly recommend them.

You can order order EnviroBlox and other items that I have reviewed at Amazon.com. Click on gifts under labels in the sidebar and see all of my recent product reviews with links directly to Amazon.

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