Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our First Christmas with Zach

We are well into the Christmas season but it is far from over as we celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas. My parents were married on January 6th, 1946 so finishing up the Christmas season on the twelfth day was part of my Christmas growing up. When Fran was just a baby we were concerned with Christmas becoming overwhelming and after an inspirational sermon by our pastor, Fred Warnecke about celebrating the 12 days of Christmas we decided to make that a family tradition and have been opening gifts, visiting friends, having a special meal/food or attending a museum/movie/event on every one of the days of Christmas. It gives us the opportunity to take advantage of after Christmas bargains and eliminates some of the stress of having everything done before the 25th. Also taking some time to enjoy each other's company rather than just gift giving has become an important part of our celebrating the season.

Now Fran is grown, married and has her first child, Zach, and like many new parents she wanted to start her own Christmas tradition. So on Christmas morning we went to her place, had the traditional breakfast that her husband, Josh has always had, and opened gifts there. They are continuing the 12 day tradition but there was still plenty for Zach to open from his grandparents and godparents. My son Hugh, Zach's godfather, experienced this first adult Chrsitmas responsibility - putting toys together on Christmas morning.

Zach is only six months old but he already loves everything about Christmas. He loved being involved in the preparations from wrapping presents to cookie baking to having an advance peek at his gifts before they were wrapped. He loves the Christmas tree and he is enjoying all of his new gifts. Here are some pictures on Christmas morning.

Zach sat on his father’s lap opening gifts on Christmas morning. This was one of his favorites – The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Toolbenchfrom his godmother.

Here is another favorite – also from Aunt Sonny –one part of the Vtech - 3-in-1 Smart Wheels. He is ready for this part but has to wait a while for the ride on. Yes, the gift was from Aunt Sonny but Grandma gets to hold him playing with it.

Here is Zach smiling with his mother – A big Christmas smile.

Our friends, Parikshit, Umang, Shalini and Saumya joined us on Christmas Eve for a traditional meal and Umang brought a present for Zach and I – a gorgeous set of books that we will enjoy together. They include The Mittenby Jan Brett, In Grandma's Armsby Karen Katz (She’s a favorite of both Zach and me) Love You Forever and Hide and Seek Colors. Thank you, Umang! Reading together is something Zach and I love to do together. Although he seems to like eating the books as much as reading them sometimes. Saumya is almost 2 and calls Zach “baby.” I wonder what they’ll call each other next year. They are both lively and I can picture some raucous celebrations in the future.

We had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and the season continues as we plan for our neighbor’s wedding on New Year’s Eve, finishing up the cookies before we gain too much more weight and a visit to the Montclair Museum for the Cezanne exhibit that ends this week.

Since Christmas day Zach has been enjoying some of his new toys which are finding a home at our place. I think Zach is developing an appreciation for music. All the toys these days seem to play music. And so yesterday I brought Zach to the piano and played Mary had a little lamb. Hhhmmm...he really liked the piano... I should call Patrick and have it tuned....then it will sound even better.

There is something more than special - its spiritually uplifting about celebrating a baby's first Christmas. Everyone around Zach seems to be in their own pensive state experiencing this moment in a new way. As we approach the New Year we are full of the wonder of Christmas and excitement for all that will be new ahead of us. I have enjoyed writing this blog so much this year and I look forward to sharing more about grandparenting in 2010.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas season everyone and Please share your comments about your Christmas celebration in the Comments.


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