Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Some Musings While on Vacation

I haven’t posted here in a while since I have been away for most of April. In early April my husband and I drove to Atlanta from New Jersey so that I could attend the National Nonprofit Technology Conference. I had a great time and learned a lot that will be helpful in my work as a consultant to nonprofits – something I do when I’m not “grandmothering.” We also visited the Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum – visiting presidential museums is something we are doing – at the rate of one a year. From Atlanta we drove to Florida where we still are on vacation.

That is why I haven’t posted in a while. I don’t have any current pictures of Zach on my laptop but I couldn't resist using this one that is about two months old. Isn’t he sooooo cute!

We really miss our grandson, Zach – and our children too, of course. But we don’t expect that our kids have changed much since we’ve been gone. We will be home in time for Sunday family dinner. My daughter offered to cook but I think we may just barbecue if the weather is nice. And we will be playing with Zach. I can’t wait for that – otherwise this time in the sun has been relaxing and wonderful.

Here on vacation I mentioned to the Piano Bar piano player The Grandma Chronicles and he told me about “Grandma Joyce” who has written a book for children about dealing with grandparents who have Alzheimer’s disease. To my surprise he emailed me Grandma Joyce’s website and I learned that she is a notable authority on this subject. I sent her an email and she is on her way back from Hawaii as I write this where she spoke at an Alzheimer’s conference. We hope to meet briefly before I leave to return to NJ and she plans to give me a copy of her book. Hopefully my review will be up next week. Some of you may be interested in this so check back next week.

Next week is a busy one as I will be attending the Spring Time to Play showcase in NY where I will be meeting with toy companies and get a hands-on look at their new toys. Look for my reviews in the next couple of months. They will all be from a grandparent perspective.

One more vacation day and then we hit the road.


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