Monday, May 24, 2010

Butterfly Bungalow – A Review and Giveaway!

In April I attended the A Time to Play Spring Showcase and was able to meet with toy companies and see their new products for Spring and Summer. Even though it was a cool day, it made me feel like having lemonade! I really enjoy attending these events and being able to see and touch the toys and talk with the company representatives. I learned so much. In the next couple of months I will be writing about some of the toys that I liked the best and what I liked about them from a grandmother’s point of view.
I am kicking this series off today with a Review and Giveaway of the
Butterfly Garden by Insect Lore. This simple, affordable product is perfect for a spring-summer activity that a grandparent can do with a child. It doesn’t require extensive set-up and easily collapses so that you can store it over the winter and use it again summer after summer with all your grandchildren – including those yet to arrive. You can make this simple but magical nature activity a tradition. It has lots of the qualities that I look for in things grandparents should provide: It’s fun, provides an easy to do together activity with your grandchild, doesn’t make loud noise or have batteries and its educational without being pushy about it. The Butterfly Garden is recommended for Ages 4 and up. I am looking forward to setting up one of these with my grandson in a few years.

When you buy the Butterfly Garden, there is a coupon inside to mail away for 5 painted lady butterfly larvae with special food, and complete instructions. So you set up the attractive habitat, add the butterfly larvae with food and watch each caterpillar's transition as it matures, changes into a chrysalid, and finally emerges as a Painted Lady butterfly! Then experience the joy of releasing them into nature. You can order additional caterpillars every year from Insect Lore.

Insect Lore was founded in 1969 and a butterfly garden was their first product. In the last 31 years they have shipped over 11 million caterpillars! And there not just for kids – there’s a Wedding celebration butterfly release kit and Insect Lore catepillars were launched into space by NASA on the Columbia Space Shuttle.

This award winning product was also a favorite at the Time to Play showcase. I think the Butterfly Garden provides a great opportunity to participate in a fun, educational, nature activity with your grandchild and I highly recommend it. You can learn more about Insect Lore at their website which also provides educational page information that you can use when working with a child.

Giveaway Information – Important Details –Easy to Enter
Insect Lore is providing a Butterfly Garden as a giveaway right here at The Grandma Chronicles. I hope you will participate. All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment on this blog by June 6th, 2010. If you tweet about this post, leave a comment for an extra entry. If you win, I need to have your email address in order to contact you. Check back on June 7th to see if you won and you can email it to me privately at . Your address information will not be publicly posted. will be used to select the winner randomly. Good Luck and please participate. The deadline to enter to win June 6th - so enter today!

Insect Lore will send the Butterfly Garden directly to the winner. I have not received compensation for this review and I do not have a personal relationship with this company. Any product review I do on this blog is an honest evaluation of my personal opinion. I do not review products favorably for compensation.

Deadline to enter extended to Tuesday, June 8th. Check back on Wednesday to see who won.

You can purchase a Butterfly Garden at many stores including ToysRUs and on Just click below to purchase via Amazon.
This product is recommended for Ages 4 and up.


Domestic Diva said...

That looks great! Thanks for the chance.

sueellen said...

I enjoyed your blog very much about the butterfly garden. Our daycare had one for one of their classes a few years ago and the excitement among the kids was contagious. Thanks for the opportunity.

fancygrlnancy said...

I would love to win this! THanks for the chance.
bwneyes100 AT hotmail DOT com

fancygrlnancy said...

bwneyes100 AT hotmail DOT com