Sunday, June 6, 2010

Zach’s First Birthday – What a Celebration!

Yesterday was our grandson Zach's first birthday and we hosted the first birthday party. This is a picture of Zach with his parents, Fran and Josh, as we all sang Happy Birthday. Wow! What a day! Zach is our “lucky weather charm” so although the weather forecast was for showers it was sunny and warm. Well, perhaps hot is a better description than warm. We set the food up inside and the tables outside so that people came in and out.

The pretty little girls ages 2 and 3 in the most darling party dresses along with Zach were the children’s contingent and we were about 15 adults. Zach is a party boy and doesn’t mind a crowd at all. One of his birthday presents was a pool we gave him – for our backyard - and the kids had fun playing in and around the pool. The Little Tikes swing was another big hit and the Little Tikes teeter totter hand me down from my niece (Its like new - Could it really have been used for 3 kids?) was a big favorite with the two little girls.

For entertainment the adults talked about the weather, our vacation plans, the kids and enjoyed the food. Zach’s other grandmother made her signature deviled eggs and cole slaw. I think I could eat enough of the deviled eggs to die of a heat attack right on the spot – they are the best I’ve ever had. Whenever we are having a family party and Doris asks what she could bring I always say deviled eggs. I made some of my favorite dishes too but here were the big hits – sliders, deviled eggs, ice cream bar. In the future for any children’s party or summer barbecue, I will definitely have sliders on the menu. They are just fun to eat.

For dessert we moved inside and Zach changed into his birthday boy outfit – how cute! The ice cream bar with 3 choices of ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and berries, banana and mini M&M toppings made everyone feel like a kid. Zach enjoyed his first piece of cake and shared the chocolate icing from his hands on several of us.

Zach had fun opening his gifts and the Fisher Price Racin Ramps Garage from Aunt Sonny provided a challenge for Josh to put together as Zach didn’t wait to explore its possibilities. The Mega Bloks Fill and Dump Wagon is going to get a workout too. But somehow I think there will be more "dumping" and "filling" for awhile. Here’s one observation – the toys get BIGGER when you turn one. Zach is not a “baby” anymore. He really is a toddler. And we are all more likely to refer to him as a “boy” than as a “baby.” When did that happen? It seems like a warm June day yesterday when he was born.

A year ago I titled my blog post “And So Grandmothering Begins.” What a wonderful journey it has been! Today I can say “And So Grandmothering Is a Total Joy.”

Fisher-Price Little People Racin' Ramps Garage

MEGA Bloks Fill & Dump Wagon

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Mauigirl said...

That Zach is one adorable kid! What a cutie. Looks as if you all had a great time at his birthday party!