Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zach’s First Haircut

Well the time had come. Although Zach is only 13 months old he had the most gorgeous long curls. Well, that fact finally collided with the 100 degree heat in New Jersey and the fact that with his big blue eyes people thought he was a beautiful little girl. And so his parents declared that it was time for his FIRST HAIRCUT.

We had been talking about this for awhile but as these things always do, it seemed to happen upon us all at once. My husband, Hugh, had always cut our children’s hair and so he had been the “designated barber” for when the time came. But he was concerned that Zach was too young to sit still and that he might not be able to do a good job or even worse stick Zack with the scissors.

But now the time had come. It cooled down to 95, Salon de Pop was readied for business on our patio. We left the comfort of our air conditioned kitchen, each with the tools for our prescribed roles in hand and Salon de Pop was set up. Zach sat on a small table, his Mom, Fran was nearby to help encourage him to sit still. She had several items of distraction at the ready. Barber Pop had his scissors and combs. I was the event recorder and had my husband’s camera. I needed a few last minutes instructions before I was ready to click away.

So the entourage was ready. Would Zach cooperate? Would it be a good haircut? Would his mother cry when his beautiful curls were gone? was all a huge success!!!!!!! The pictures tell the story. Zach was very cooperative as his Pop moved around to accommodate his moves. Fran did a good job of keeping Zach content to sit while Pop did his magic. I clicked away like crazy.

And here is Zach with his proud Mom and his first haircut history. Zach look so ....handsome.....that’s the right word. He looks so “all boy.” He doesn’t look like a baby or a little girl anymore.

Proud of our work, Fran gathered his cut curls in an envelope and we all went back into the air-conditioned kitchen and had – what else – ice cream!


sdurante said...

Good for Zach--and you.

No grandkids here yet--someday?
But I did recall MY first haircut--at least the one done by a barber. It was scary and I think I screamed the whole time. I'm sure it doesn't have to be like that. (The next time, I had my haircut while sitting in one of those chairs that looks like a little car--I think I liked that; I know the idea appeals to me now.
Did you lay the groundwork in any way?
I am often asked by parents of little first-time patients (I'm a dentist): "How should I prepare my child for his first dental visit?" I always tell them to say as little as possible: "He's going to count your teeth; do you know how many teeth you have? Let's count them now before we ask the dentist to count them! Here's a mirror so you can watch. Look--I'm going to use a flashlight; the dentist will use a light too and maybe give you a mirror so you can watch him count your teeth." That's about it.
Oh.... and never say anything like: "You don't have to be scared; he's not going to hurt you."

Marion Conway said...

Hi Sal,

Thanks for your comments - both for sharing your own experience and the great advice on what to tell a child before his first visit to the dentist. I probably would be the one to tell him not to be scared if you didn't give this great advice.

We didn't do anything to prepare Zach for what would happen. But his Mom was prepared with a few things to interest him - including a comb just like the one Pop was using. He is usually a ham for the camera and since I was clicking away continuously that seem to capture his attention for a little bit.

We were actually very lucky and we know it. In fact we are all proud of the haircut.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. I am a new grandmother and I've enjoyed reading your posts. I,too, have a blog--
What a wonderful and thought-provoking stage of life!