Friday, December 3, 2010

Mega Bloks – A Pre-School Must Have

My grandson, Zach is 18 months old, and one of his favorite toys at our house, is the Mega Bloks Fill and Dump wagon that was a first birthday present. At first he just like taking the blocks out and throwing them around. Then he became interested in building with them. And now he wheels that truck to where he wants to play with the blocks and he actually participates in putting them back in the truck when he is done.

His Mom, Fran, put the Mega Bloks Play 'n Go Table on his Christmas list and I have already ordered it from Amazon for him for Christmas. It folds up and has a handle so he can bring it to our house too. I think giving your grandchild a gift he can also bring to your house is something worth thinking about.

Mega Bloks are bright and large and easy for little fingers to work with. They snap together so they don’t fall over like basic wooden blocks and they are different shapes so that adds to the fun. I really like these Mega Blok toys because they are great for developing fine motor skills and learning about colors and shapes but that all happens naturally in the background as a child is using his or her imagination to build and create scenes with the play and go sets.
Fire Station

The Mega Blok line is very reasonably priced and you can buy a big bag of blocks for $9.99 or great multipiece play sets such as the Fire Station and the Play n' Go garage. The sets can be played with the basic blocks and a young child can use his or her imagination to create a whole scene. These products get numerous great reviews at for durability, educational value and fun. Lots of reviewers also talk about the fact that children enjoy this toy for YEARS…. Making it a much better investment than most toys.Not too many products score well in all three of these categories.

Play n Go Garage

I can recommend the Mega Bloks line of products highly and you can order them from by clicking on the product descriptions below.
P.S. ToyRUs is having a Mega Bloks promotion this Saturday. You get a large bag of mega Bloks free with any purchase of a mega Bloks set. Now that’s a bargain.

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