Sunday, June 12, 2011

Celebrating Turning Two - Stretching It Out and Enjoying the Birthday Celebration All Week

Zach turned two a week ago and we have had a great time celebrating – but most important - so did he. Zach loves to rip the wrapping paper off and enjoy the surprise inside and just watching the smile on his face is a gift to the adults. We like to draw out celebrations in our family so Zach had surprises – all of which he loved that arrived over the course of a week.

First up – we were babysitting when the L.L. Bean backpack – with his initials that his Mom ordered arrived. When his parents came to pick him up they brought the backpack and he was so excited about it. He was in his pajamas - this picture is sooo cute –  he put the backpack on and enjoyed strutting around with it like a "big boy.". And now he can carry his own stuff when he visits and goes to the town pool this summer.

Birthday morning brought more gifts from his parents and two of his favorites are books. Both are flap books – his favorite type – Thomas the Tank Engine’s Hidden Surprises and Seashore Baby. Great choices. He’ll be going to the Jersey Shore for the first time this summer and all of us are looking forward to it. I’ve read both to him at nap time – a favorite activity for Grandma and Zach.

In the afternoon we had a family birthday barbecue at our house and of course more gifts. Zach loves sports and anything with a ball gets lots of play. Aunt Sonny’s (his godmother) gift from “Mom’s recommended gift list” was the Fisher Price basketball set and Zach enjoyed using it for basketball and also as a tee ball set using the bat he got earlier in the week and the base to give a ball a strong whack.

Grandma made the birthday cake and it had Zach’s favorite – strawberries for the filling. Later he sat on Pop’s lap and ate some extra strawberries. What a great day.

Alas, I had ordered our gift – also from “Mom’s recommended list” – late and it did not arrive in time for the party. We decided that he would get this gift after his 2 year old doctor’s visit on Wednesday. The Little Tikes picnic table was yet another hit. On Wednesday it was 98 degrees and so rather than settle on the patio it staid on our air conditioned kitchen. Zach again enjoyed ripping off the paper and helped his Pop put it together – which thankfully was pretty easy to do. We gave him a choice of eating his lunch at the table with us or at his table and he chose his table.

A few days after his birthday, his parent bought Zach a desk with the money he got for his birthday. And he is enjoying that too.

We all enjoyed celebrating and I am a big fan of drawing these celebrations for young children out over time. They can only absorb and enjoy so much at one time. This is a major recommendation from Grandma Marion – don’t give too many gifts to a baby or young child at once. Spread them out and let them savor each one.

Most of all – Enjoy each moment. I know I do.


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Susan Adcox said...

Good advice. Little ones can easily be overwhelmed. Stretching it out is more fun for all.