Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Perfect Fall Day with Zach

Nothing compares with a perfect Fall day when you enjoy the last breath of summer but it is complimented by a gentle cool breeze and your mind turns to a study of the changing colors of leaves. The crisp air, a bright sun, NO humidity and the quicker step that the cooler weather brings always makes me glad to live in New Jersey. And especially glad to live near a park.

Spending a good part of a day with Zach on such a fall day really makes it a perfect day. Fran, my daughter and my grandson, Zach, and I have a routine for days like this. We go to the park. First we walk around the lake twice with Zach in his stroller. Near the end of the first lap, we take the lower level path and hope that Zach will be interested in the ducks and geese in the lake – and sometimes right next to us on the path – and not turn his head to the left, see the playground and start to point and say “Play, Play, Play”. Then we pick up the pace for a second lap and head to the playground.

Zach loves the playground and being with other children. Recently, he has been able to expand his horizons and go up to the higher level on the gym. He is now one of the “big kids” and he enjoys running back and forth on the springy ramp, crawling through the tunnel, taking the stairs without any help, and hanging out with the guys “in the castle” – that’s under the highest level. Fran and I position ourselves in different ends of the gym but we are just watching – he doesn’t need the kind of supervision he did just a couiple of months ago.

Next, he’ll lead the way to the swings and we spend some time there before Zach lets us know it is time to stop. Next stop – maybe – tennis courts. If no one is playing tennis, it is a great place to run around, perhaps find a tennis ball, or an adult with another young child who you can join. Zach loves hitting a tennis ball and next summer he will have his first racquet.

When we are all exhausted, we head back to our place for lunch and Pop takes over. Zach goes to our garage and clearly says, “Open the garage.” There are treasures there too. Out comes the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, balls, bats, etc, etc.

Finally - lunch! By this time Zach has worked up quite an appetite and eats a hearty lunch. Grandma usually provides strawberries to top it off. Fresh fruit for dessert - ummm. By this time Zach is ready to go home for a nap and I am ready to move onto jobs that have waited patiently all morning – but now with a smile on my face.


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Susan Adcox said...

I love taking my grandchildren to the park, too, for multiple reasons. Not only do they get fresh air and exercise, but they also learn to interact with other kids in a different way.