Friday, November 4, 2011

Hey Grandparents – Smart Shopping for the Holidays

When my kids were little we went to ToysRUs and carted home everything we bought for them. Sometimes it was a challenge to get it in the back of the Reliant station wagon, but we always did. Well, I don’t have a station wagon anymore and I don’t have a SUV – I have a Ford Focus. I also am not as willing to cart home big bulky containers – whether or not they weigh a lot. My grandson, Zach, is 2 ½ years old so he is at the peak of things that come in big packages. But I have the modern day solution – shop online and have it delivered!

Many of the name brands have specials on sale with very good prices. Little Tikes has been having Friday four hour specials and I bought the tool workbench for Zach at a great price with this deal. If you plan to purchase something from a wish list – either your child’s idea of what your grandchild should have or what he/she wants, don’t go crazy trying to figure out how ToysRUs is organized today. That’s a project in itself. Go to, enter the name – even something close and 99.9% of the time it comes up. If you want to be an extra smart shopper, check out the price at and  because who has the best price can vary quite a bit. Don’t forget to make sure you know what the shipping charge will be because that can change the bottom line best price. Amazon and ToysRUs also have product reviews. If you click on the reviews you’ll see what people who have bought the product have to say – this can help you choose a toy wisely.  I use this feature all the time..

My favorite place to shop online is It is not just for books anymore. I guess I was used to buying books there first, but I have bought everything at this site including a special hairbrush, a new rechargeable battery for my computer and a camera. So I guess it was natural to check it out for toys too.  And I'm glad I did.

When I do product reviews I frequently put a link to – but not if the price is too high. Sometimes I come back later and add the link – I did that with the cabbage patch kids when the price came down. I have also added the link to the Amazon Holiday Toy List and Countdown to Black Friday in the sidebar of this blog - you may want to check those out if you don’t get a list to work from and you are left up to your own devices to figure out what to give for holiday gifts.

In my family we have a tradition. On Thanksgiving weekend, everyone has their list of books, CDs and DVDs that they want for Christmas. We gather round the computer and check them out and I do a good bit of my holiday shopping right there. Often, there are specials on these items and so it is a good time to buy. Its convenient and everyone get what they really want instead of my idea of what they would like.

Anyway, if you haven’t shopped ofr grandkids this way, consider it. It really works for me.  Cehck to sidebar or below  for the link to Amazon's holiday toys list.

Leave a comment and let us know your favorite way to do holiday shopping.


Shop Amazon's Holiday Toy List


Anonymous said...

Marion, This is a great suggestion for shopping, not only for the holidays, but birthdays as well. My wife and I use online shopping for most all of the gifts we give. Not only do we use, we also make purchases from, and other not so familiar websites. It is so convenient to have the products delivered to our door. Thanks for the post.
Tommy Johnson

Why this blog? said...

Hi Marion, I live in UK but know just what you mean, When my son was small i would stagger home with boxes bigger than me for him from Toys R Us and elsewhere. Now i do so much of my shopping from Amazon, the convenience is just so worth it. Great blog.

Fran said...

Mom, other then cash (which everyone needs) I will be getting a replacement "everybody loves Roymond season 3" DVD since your grandson has "played" with it to the point ours doesn't work. I love our ordering weekend. Although we use Barnes and Knobles not Amazon. That's the place with the coupon.