Saturday, January 7, 2012

Martin Luther King Day and Preschoolers

January 16th is Martin Luther King Day and it is a national day of service.  It is a good time for discussion and activity - no matter how young a child. 

Today I am just writing about preschoolers.  Later in the week I'll write about older children. Preschoolers are ready for themes such as volunteering, peace and getting along with others.   

There is a Sesame Street video on youtube that I have been enjoying with my two and a half year old grandson - over and over -  that is perfect as a discussion starter for pre-schoolers about volunteering. 

Nolan Gould, who plays Luke on Modern Family, is with Murray (He's a Sesame Street muppet) at the Los Angeles Food Bank.  There is a touching scene when Murray asks what is a volunteer and then if he has the heart of a true volunteer.  Next there is upbeat sorting of fruit at the Food Bank.

Most local communities, museums, libraries, etc will have  local activities and you should check out what is available and appropriate for young children to participate in.

I did some internet research on Dr. King and preschool activities and this is the best resource that I found. There are songs, games, stories and other resources.

Everything Preschool  

I’ll be writing about Martin Luther King Day and older kids next week, but I wanted to start with ideas for young children.  Please share with us in the comments any plans, past experiences, or ideas that you have that are appropriate for young children.



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