Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Favorite Toys from A Time to Play Spring Showcase

I had a wonderful time this week at A Time to Play Spring Showcase where new and outdoor toys for Spring and Summer were on display.  I have plenty of material that I will be blogging about - and featuring givaways over the next few months.  This post just features pictures of some of my favorites.   I took all of these pictures - they aren't the professional ones provided by the companies. 

Big wheels riding toys are "in" again and two of them won best new Toy awards at the show.   Remember these?  Looked pretty familiar to me.

Here's an old idea with a very new twist - Mess free fingerpaints.  How do they do that?  It sounds like an oxymoron. You rub a clear fingerpaint of "Magical paper" and an image apears.  Just like modern food that you put in the microwave and a hot meal appears.

Crayola Mess-Free Fingerpaint & Paper

Blowing bubbles is still an old standard but it also has become a lot more fancy.  Does your grandchild like his Cozy Coupe or Thomas the train. He or she will be dazzled by seeing all the bubbles that come out of these.
Lots of New Ways to Blow Bubbles

older kids enjoy blowing bubbles too - and here is something for them - bubbles that glow in the dark.  Perfect for families who hang outside in the summer and watch the kids run around the yard.
Glow in the Dark Bubbles from Imperial

LEGOs has a new line called LEGO Friends that will appeal to girls.  They are the same construction sets which encourage interest in building and architecture but they feature themes girls will like such as a beauty parlor and tree house.
Lego Friends for Girls

Lego Friends Treehousefor Girls

My grandson, Zach, likes Chuggington and Dinosaur train so of course these two items caught my attention.

Chuggington and Dinosaur Train from TOMY

True Hope BRATZ doll
These bald Bratz and Moxie dolls by MGA were quite a hit at the show. A $1 donation will be made to City of Hope to support cancer research for each doll sold.  I think there will be quite a market for this doll.  They will be available in June.

True Hope Moxie Doll

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Susan Adcox said...

I love the glow-in-the-dark bubbles, but I hate that the Lego people think they have to create a special line to appeal to girls. My granddaughters enjoy the same type of Lego toys that my grandsons do.