Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Winner of Trash Pack Surprise Pack

Update (10/18/12):  See sneak peak and how to get new Trash Pack Series 3 which just came out....

The winner is....Lisa of Grandma Briefs blog fame.  Be sure to check out Lisa's blog here.

I had my own adventure trying to get a Trash Pack Egg for my grandson so I am reposting here the information to order at Amazon.  First I went to Target.  An associate told my daughter that it was hit or miss if they had any Trash Pack items.  ToysRUs has a special on Trash Pack this week - buy one get one 50% off.  So off I went to ToysRUs.  In the first long aisle they had one of those small displays in the middle aisle.  They had five pack and twelve pack Trashies and small play sets hanging on the racks.  On the bottom shelf there was a lonely Trash Can and Garbage Truck.  No eggs - the week before Easter?  They must be someplace else.  Nearby was a manager with clipboard looking very in charge.  I asked him if there were any more Trash Pack items somewhere else.  He told me that I was lucky I came in today because what Trash Pack they did have just come in on a truck last night was right here and they had been out of them.  No eggs.  This was it.

Since I wrote the last article Zach and I have a new game that we play with The Trash Pack.  We each throw trashies in the Trash Can one at a time and see how many go in and how many don't - or go in and bounce out.  It's fun, and a good game for a grandparent to play with a grandchild.  Enjoy.

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So my recommendation.  Buy your Trash Pack goodies online at Amazon.  Just click below:

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