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Sunny Stroll Arch for Strollers - Review and Giveaway

Update:  The winner of this giveaway is V Ramsey.  Congratulations, V - your Summer Stroll arch will arrive soon..  Thanks to all of you you left a comment here and liked The Grandma Chronicles at facebook.  The giveaway is now closed.

New grandparents  – this one is especially for you.  I am so happy to be able to offer this giveaway of a high quality item for babies.  Most of the giveaways I have offered have been for older children  But, at A Time to Play Spring Showcase, I learned about the Tiny Love product line for the first time.  This table of colorful, multifaceted baby items caught my eye and over I went to learn more and I’m glad I did.

We are all familiar with archs that hang over cribs, carriers and seats for babies.  This is an arch that you can attach to a stroller or a car seat.  I was attracted to the bright colors and varied shapes, textures and sounds.  I could just picture a baby having a favorite that he went back to all the time…and then perhaps exploring new sections as she got older.

As I often do, I checked the product reviews for this item out at and I was not surprised to see that it had a five star rating.  I was surprised to learn how popular an item it is with 364 reviews.  Additional  things that parents liked about this item is that it was easy to attach, secure and manipulate on a stroller or car seat – even very wide car seats.  Too often we learn the hard way after we buy something that this sort of thing is an issue.  But this Sunny Stroll received high marks in this all important category.

And just like my impression that it was eye catching parents reported that their baby was entertained by it.  There’s lots of variety to keep a baby’s attention. As iIsaid earlier, it has lots of bright colors,  varied shapes, textures and sounds.  Every baby will have their own favorite.

This is a great shower gift or gift for a newborn baby.  And grandmas…if you have your own car seat and/or stroller like I do…..this is ideal.  You can move it from place to place and adjust its placement.  It has six adjustable knobs and that was one the favorite characteristics that Amazon reviewers mentioned.  This picture  shows one of many choices you can adjust to.

Priced at $17.99, I think this is a good value for the use you will get out of it.

I’ll be writing about and offering a giveaway on another Tiny love product for an older baby in June.  Check back for that review too.

If you are a grandparent, you may not have heard of Tiny Love.  I am always interested in knowing a little bit about companies that make products for babies and children so if it is an unfamiliar name to me so I usually  include that information in my article.  Tiny Love was founded by Shoshi and Isaac Oren in 1991.  The couple's goal and philosophy is to make high quality infant products that are based on infant stage development research. Once you know that, you can see it in their products.  There is attention to detail and you can just picture how a baby will enjoy and learn at the same time with each item.  Next time you are shopping for a grandchild, check out the other items available from Tiny Love - they amre made with a sophisticated thought process.

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