Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zach's 3rd Birthday Celebration

On Sunday we hosted Zach’s third birthday party in our yard.  Well - due to “isolated showers”  we were outside-inside-outside-inside-outside.  Everyone – young and old – had a great time and I just had to share some photos with the highlights.  I am so happy that my daughter is a fan of the kind of birthday parties she always had – at home with crafts, creative play activities, homemade cake and ice cream sundaes.  When it comes to children’s birthday parties- I definitely lean to the old fashioned.  This one was classic.

The party started with free play and a craft project.  The boys enjoyed the craft – making crowns with stick on foam sports items.  Fran, my daughter, had a bunch of small beach balls in a pool – no water  - and the boys enjoyed playing with them and each boy got to add one to his goody bag when he left.

Zach’s other grandma, Doris, created the most amazing birthday cake. Like many little boys Zach loves matchbox cars and she frequently gives him one for his collection.  She created this masterpiece – it a cake PLUS cupcakes each with a matchbox car on top.

Zach’s other grandma, Doris, made this cake and cupcakes 
The cake in the shape of a car is realistically iced with windows, doors, wheels, etc and sporting the number 3 on the doors and roof.  It is set on a road bounded with green grass.  But wait there’s more.  The tray is trimmed with cupcakes in cars wrappers and each topped with a matchbox car that the guests can also add to their goodie bags. 
Zach and his cousin Sam show what they think of the cake

The cake was subject to detailed inspection and amazement.  The bonus was that it was also edible – and delicious. 

Although the cake looked great, Zach and his friends couldn't resist the cupcakes with the matchbox car sitting on top of the icing. 
Made to order ice cream sundaes were popular too
When things quieted down Zach finally opened his presents and he liked them all. The presents included Candyland, a magnetic construction set more trash pack trashies,Bumblebee rescue bot, books, and more.

What a wonderful way to launch your third year.  And then grandma needed a nap.

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