Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Am I a Little Boy Or a Big Boy?

My grandson, Zach, has learned that sometimes there are advantages to being a Big Boy and sometimes to being a Little Boy.  I’ve heard him say he is each of these in the last few days.  On Saturday, we were babysitting and before we got to the planned activity to decorate a pumpkin he wanted to go to the park.  We are just a block and a half away from a county park and it is the equivalent of about four blocks to the playground.  He walks much further than this on most days as his mother is a regular walker.  But it was late in the day – about 5 PM.   I said to my husband,  "Zach and I will walk and we won't be that long.". But Zach said , “No, I am a little boy not a big boy.  I want to go in the stroller.”  I have a wonderful The First Years Ignite Stroller which folds up easily and is lightweight but we haven’t used it in a long time except for on the Boardwalk in the summer.  “The stroller,” I said surprised, "You’re a big boy.  You don’t want the stroller.”  Back came the answer, “I am a little boy.  I want to go to the park in the stroller.  C’mom Grandma.”  And so the stroller it was.  He strapped himself in and off we went to the park and had a great time.

When we came back, Pop, Zach and I decorated this pumpkin.  I took my old craft box that I had for my kids down from the attic and we fould felt and ribbon in excellent condtion.  Zach chose the colors he wanted, Pop cut out the pieces and I helped with the glue stick and positioning a little.  We are all proud of our work.  I was so happy that Zach was willing to pose with his pumpkin.  Isn’t he soooo cute!!!
Well today Zach is here because of hurricane Sandy.  We are one of the lucky 15% in our town in NJ that have power and he like most people we know does not have power at his house.  While my husband and son-in-law were trying – and eventually succeeded – at removing a very high, obstinate, big branch hanging over our driveway I was putting Zach down for a nap.  First I sang Hush-a-Bye – a favorite that I always sang to both of my kids.  His eyes were wide open.  I asked him if he’d like me to sing a song I sang to his Uncle Hugh when he was a little boy – and the answer – drumrollll – “I’m a Big Boy.  I’m not a little boy.”  So I said I sang it when he was a big boy too and then he was interested.

This is a song that I made up and it ends with “I love to hold my little boy, I love to hold my little boy, I love to hold my little boy close to me.  I changed the words to ““I love to hold my little boy, I love to hold my little boy, I love to hold my big boy close to me.”  Zach still had his eyes wide open.  He smiled and said “Again.”  After two more times…each softer… he was asleep.

And so here I am writing this post literally right after it happened. 

Here's a link to the stroller..It works for little boys and big boys.

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