Friday, November 30, 2012

Hallmark – One Part Traditional and a One Part New

Hall mark has some new recordable Christmas products designed for the whole Christmas season – not just Christmas Day.  Until this year we have had a “real” tree but this year we are adapting to the wonder of new technology with a pre-lit artificial tree.  We are getting a little old for the rigors of buying and carrying home a real tree.  Before my son moved out there were three of us working on the Christmas tree project.  Yes, it was always beautiful.  But frankly, my new small pre-lit tree looks pretty good to me.
Perhaps because of this change in Christmas tree this year I am more conscious about the blending of old traditions and new ideas as the season is actually steeped in both.  Especially when it comes to technology.  I just bought a new laptop computer on Black Friday and the Windows 8 touch technology is yet another leap into the future.

You would think that Hallmark cards would be on the traditional side of the ledger but they are always updating their product line and taking advantage of technology. Recordable cards that allow personalization not just in writing but in sound have been around awhile and are very popular.  They are a perfect way for grandparents to share some smiles with a grandchild.  And a super plus if you are grandparenting from a distance.  Whether it is a young child who may be mesmerized by the whole season or a teenager who will smile and get a kick out of it if you send one of these cards, they are a fun way to share the joy of the season.

Here a  couple of the cards:

Countdown Cards: There are two versions of this card - Mickey Mouse and one of Santa's friendly elves. You program – very easily – the number of days until Christmas and it becomes a countdown clock. You grandchild can put this card on his dresser and always know how many days there are until Christmas.

Recordable Wish List: You can record your wish lists directly into this card to let Santa know what is on your Christmas wish list. This card is fun for all ages. It is also a great keepsake to capture a child's voice and keep the list.

Check out these cards at any Hallmark Crown store.  This video has a Hallmark representative talking about this product.  Click here.  
Check out Hallmark’s website forthe interactive storybooks – perfect for grandparents who live afar from their grandchildren.

Full Disclosure:  I was not paid for this product review.  I did receive a sample which I am able to keep. 

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Susan Adcox said...

We've done the interactive storybooks and they are great fun. And we have my father's voice on one. That's especially treasured since he passed away last year.