Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween with The Trash Pack and Play Doh

What a Halloween we had - even if it was on November 5th. I live in NJ and the governor declared that Halloween be moved to Monday, November 5th because of Hurricane Sandy. Good decision. I wasn't sure if interest would have waned and there were be fewer Trick or Treaters, but that was definitely NOT the case.

We live in a good neighborhood for trick or treating. There are sidewalks and the houses are not set that far back. People drive to our neighborhood to Trick or Treat. So I am always prepared. I also like to have alternatives to candy.  For young children I get small Play-Doh containers.Younger children - and their parents - always are happy to get one of these.

This year, thanks to Litzky Public Relations I also had 50 individual Trash Pack Trashies to distribute. Wow were they popular!  Some kids didn't know what I meant when I asked if they wanted a Trash Pack Trashie or candy but if they did they did not hesitate with what their choice was.

Trash Pack Trashies are popular with girls too - they are not just for the boys!

With Big Boys,

And Little Boys,

And Bunches of Boys,

My grandson, Zach helped

And then showed off his own Trahsies

Here is what The Trash Pack trashies looked like before the kids arrived at my door. By night's end they were all gone.

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