Monday, November 12, 2012

Skyball Football - Old Fashion Fun with a New Twist

I love basic good old fashioned toys like balls.  However, as a modern grandma I also love old fashioned toys with a new twist and I like to write about them. Two years ago I wrote about Skyball.  Skyball is filled with helium which makes it bounce really high.  It gives the ball an extra punch for extra fun.  Read my review which includes a picture of me playing a game that was easier to play…   lets just say a long time ago.  Read it here.

Now, Maui Toys has introduced the Sky Football.  It is a winner too.  Also filled with helium it has an extra bouce and flys through the air with extra power.  Instead of raking leaves on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I was out in the yard with my grandson and family playing football with the skyball.

The package says ages 6 and up but really any age can enjoy the sky football.  My grandson is three and I was impressed watching Zach and his Dad, Josh, play with it.  Here a few of my favorite pics.

Look at this form

And a great pass
And Way Up in the Air....

Grandma Had to Get in the Action Too
Playing Sky Football is a great way to experience old fashioned fun with a new spin.  Give it a try.

Skyball is made by Maui Toys,  a company founded in the 80’s so it is not a company known to those of us of “grandparent age.” The Sky Football is a "souped up" version of a good old fashioned football and I highly recommend it. There are several varieties of Skyballs – all reasonably priced – and they are available at all the major stores that sell toys. You can also order directly from Amazon below.

So...go outside and play ball with the grandkids.


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