Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Shopping at ToysRus – What Was on My List

We have completed our Christmas shopping for Zach.  Last year I had one big item which was a big hit – a Little Tikes Workbench.  It is in our family room and still gets a lot of use.  It’s very rugged and even after all that hammering and sawing it looks like new.

Zach is now 3 ½ and in pre-school.  He knows all about popular characters and he is very interested in collections.  So this year the shopping is focused on “Things he wants” and “Things we think he would enjoy” rather than just the latter.

So off we went to ToysRUs with our list in hand – it had both what we knew he wanted and what we wanted him to have.

Zach loves to hide under the covers – and calls it a cave – when his Mom comes to pick him up if we are babysitting.  We know he needs a bed tent.  Our son loved his and enjoyed hours inside his bed tent and my husband had that on top of his list.  Check one – in the cart.

One of my favorite things to do with Zach is play with PlayDoh and there is a new line called “Diggin Rigs” featuring building vehicles and building material colored Play Doh. I first saw this last February before its release at Toy Fair 2012 and I knew then it would be on my Christmas list. I got the steamroller and extra “asphalt and sand” colored Play Doh.  I can’t wait to play with it myself.
My picture of Diggin Rigs Play Doh line at Toy fair 2012

Zach will be a fireman in the pre-school holiday show this week and my husband couldn’t resist this small Duplo Fire Chief set.  It even has a fire piece.  We have lots of basic Duplos and so I know this will be a great imaginative play addition.

Now for what’s on Zach’s list. Oh yes – we got to that too.  As I said he loves collections and plays with them all in groups. His parents and others have transformers covered.  I introduced him to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and he loves it. So, it is only fair to add to the collection with none other than MichaelAngelo.
Zach got his first Ninja Turtle for cooperating with this haircut last summer

Another collection that I started with Zach is The Trash Pack.  We love to play with them together and he watches all the commercials on youtube intently.  He loves to see the ones he has and points to the ones he wants.  Unfortunately, each trashie is hidden in its own trash can and you have to wait until you open the package to see which ones you got.  I know he will be happy to add to his Trash Pack collection – Series 3 in the blue cans of course.

Check back soon for my article on the books and videos we got.  So are we spoiling our grandson or us?  A little of each – but really each item was inexpensive and the whole bill was not too bad.  Here are links at Amazon for some of my favorites.


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I love Toys R Us and Babies R Us.when my daughter was pregnant, I found all the items I wanted to get her. I''ve bought a few things for the baby since then too. If you can't finding anywhere else check them. Young some awesome bst7ff. I hope Zach has a lot of fun with them.