Monday, January 14, 2013

MLK Day – A Time for Grandparents to Bond, Model and Teach

Martin Luther King Day is on Monday, January 21st. It is a national day of service.  It’s an opportunity to volunteer side by side with your grandchildren and have the trifecta of a good day:  Work on a volunteer project, set a good example and bond with your grandchild.  Check out the government website  at  for general information and seek out suitable projects in your area.  also is a good place to learn about local volunteer opportunities.

MLK Day is a unique opportunity for many grandparents because we were there in the 1960s during the civil rights movement and have personal memories of Martin Luther King and events of the times.  I remember vividly reading a MLK biography with my eight year old son twenty years ago and interspersing some of my own experience when he look up at me and said, ““Mom, were you alive when Martin Luther King was alive?”  Well, yes I was.  History comes alive for a child on a different level when they are face to face with someone who “was there.”  If you are a grandparent who “was there” take this opportunity to discuss your personal history with those tumultuous times.

Check out if there are programs that you can attend with a grandchild at your local library and museums. I am a big fan of grandparents seeking and taking advantage of teachable moments.  MLK Day provides a natural.

Excellent books to read with children
MLK’s famous speech is written in its entirety with stunning illustrations by Kadir Nelson throughout.  The book comes with a CD of MLK delivering his famous speech in 1963. 
His biography is written by MLK’s sister and it is a very personal view of their childhood.  Complemented with beautiful illustrations by Chris Soetpiet
These and other books are probably on display at your library and local bookstore.  Check it out this week or see them on Amazon with links below.

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