Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dr. Seuss Birthday and Read Across America

Every year the National Education Association Foundation sponsors Read Across America day on March 2nd – Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  All this week schools and libraries will have special programs and exhibits.  Like many schools, our local schools will take a half hour when everyone in the school will be reading at the same time.  Our town and nearby libraries have programs planned.  It's all about having fun and reading.

My husband, Hugh, and I will be babysitting tomorrow night and I have taken out a few favorite Dr. Seuss books to read.    Here are two of my favorites:

Zach is three and a half and so he doesn’t read.  He does know the alphabet and he is learning the sounds of letters and that they make words. He says that Zooey, a girl in his pre-school class has the same letter that he has. My husband is called Pop and so of course Hop on Pop is a favorite in our house.  He is learning to recognize Pop as Pop’s name.  Here is our copy of Hop on Pop.

For older kids a favorite of mine is The Butter Battle Book.  In this book two groups keep escalating their weapons in a war against each other.  They are warring because they disagree on how you should butter your bread.  Grownups should read this book.

A favorite for adults and kids alike is Oh! The Places You Go.   This book is frequently a graduation and retirement gift and provides a perfect lesson on where the path of life may bring us – as yet unknown.

You may want to celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday and Read Across America too.  If you have the opportunity to read with grandchildren let them know how everyone is taking time out to read and celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  Celebrate with a red and white snack or dessert.….I’m thinking strawberries and cream.  
If you live far away, how about sending a Dr. Seuss email or ecard.  Do you skype?  I know grandparents who read a book that a child has over skpe.  I know a grandmother who loves mysteries and she and her grandson read the same book at the same time.

So for my Dr. Seuss birthday celebration post this year I encourage you to find a way to share the love of reading with your grandchild and have a wonderful time doing it.

Here are some great Dr. Seuss books available at Amazon:

Many of the Beginner Dr. Seuss books come in sets and this one is the classic basic with five favorites - Cat in the Hat, Fox in Socks, Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish, Two Fish and Hop on Pop.  Every pre-schooler should have all of these!


Kelli Davidson said...

I love that you featured more than the top three books from Dr. Seuss! We all get stuck on only the most popular and sometimes miss such important books like The Butter Battle - which is our favorite! It's like our favorite singer is only known for "Margaritaville" when his most beautiful songs are never played on the radio.

Marion Conway said...

Thank you so much for your comment Kalamity Kelli. Agee 100%. there is a lot of depth to Dr. Seuss and it's a shame if you can't get past Fox in Socks - even if it is the ultimate tongue twister.

Jimmy Buffett is also a favorite of ours - Margaritaville and more...