Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Peek ‘n Peep Eggs Review and Giveaway – Great Easter Basket Idea

Spring will be here soon and we all will be looking for some new and interesting toys for the season.  In our family that also means finding something interesting for Easter baskets.  I am a fan of Easter baskets without too much candy.  I always put a great deal of thought into this for my kids and now I am thinking about it for my grandson, Zach who is almost four years old.   In the recent past there have been Trash Pack eggs and a Dinosaur Train egg that had to be left in water and Buddy emerged after a few days.  Zach loved both of these.

This year my “Easter Basket” giveaway is great for a very young child and as I learned from my grandson, Zach, three year olds like it too.  I saw the Peek ‘n Peep Eggs by KidOozie at Toy Fair in NY in February at the International Playthings booth.  I immediately knew it would be my favorite for an Easter Basket idea giveaway.  This is my third year for such a giveaway so I guess it’s a feature of The Grandma Chronicles now.

This cute, compact, inexpensive toy has a lot going for it.  The package says 12 months plus, but I think any child who can sit up will enjoy it and so will four year olds.  The package wisely has a picture of the toy and not a child so it doesn’t scream that it is for a certain age.  Here’s the description that my pictures help describe better than my words can.
It is a bright yellow, pliable six pack egg carton with faces peeking through the top. 

Each egg shell opens to a colorful egg which squeaks when you press it.  Each egg has a different shape bottom so it only fits in one space properly.   A young child can enjoy the colors and hearing the sounds and then fitting the top shell on just right. 

 An older child learns the shapes by fitting the eggs into the right holes and enjoy counting the eggs.  Three and four year olds will want to match the facial expressions of the colored eggs with the white shells.  This was easy for my grandson but he enjoyed the multilevel matching aspects of the  Peek n’ Peep Eggs.

I wasn’t planning on giving Zach this toy because I thought he was too old for it.  I had left it next to my computer because it just came in the mail and I planned to review it for today’s blog post.  He came to visit and he and my husband found it and they opened it together.  Later when he was in my office with me, he showed me where he had already found a place for it with his toys, opened it, and demonstrated how it worked.  Zach loves transformers and rescue bots so how things transform and work is what interests him.  My husband weighed in with this when he emailed me the pictures for this post:  I really like this toy. And clearly Zach likes it too. It has several cleaver and attractive things about it.”
Extras from a Grandmother’s perspective:  
 1) No batteries! This simple toy does not light up or talk and sing, but it will hold the attention of children because of its simple challenges and ability to master it.  
 2) It’s lightweight and easily thrown in the bag going to Grandma’s house.  Or if you keep it at your house, it’s compact and easy to store.  
 3) It’s cute – grandparents love cute.

So… I highly recommend finding non candy things for your Easter baskets.  This is especially important for very young children.  And they really do have enough plush animals – really.  Peek ‘n Peep Eggs is a great item to feature in your holiday celebration – even if you don’t celebrate Easter.  
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Full Disclosure: I received a complimentary Peek ‘n Peep Eggs. This review is completely my own opinion and I was not reimbursed for it.

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Unknown said...

After following my daughter in laws Mommyblogs, I grew curious about blogs for grandmothers. Interestingly, I have been struggling to come up with a non candy, non "fluffy bunny" Easter gift for grandsons aged 1 to 3 years old. What a find, all at one time! An intelligent grandmother blog and a gift idea that can be mailed to grandsons. Many Thanks.

Marion Conway said...

Carla Irene,

Thanks so much for your comment and entry in the giveaway. Grandmothers do have a different perspective than parents and I enjoy writing about things from a grandparent perspective.

If you are on facebook, and you like The grandma Chronicles, you will see when I have a new post as I always post it there.

Here's the link:


Unknown said...

It's so helpful to have someone else review an item - someone in the same situation as you. Namely, being a grandparent that wants to buy a clever, fun, cute gift for their grandchild, as opposed to another plush animal or candy.

My grandson is 18-months and I think this item would really "hit the spot" with him.