Friday, September 27, 2013

Time to Play Highlights - What's New and Grandparents Will Love

Yesterday I went to New York for A Time to Play Showcase of new toys that are available for this holiday season.  I am always interested in trends and what is new again (something grandparents remember but may – or may not -  have new twists).  I always find enough to write about for months, but I like to write a highlights article right away.  So here it is – something for various ages.   Remember this is from a grandmother’s perspective.

Sea Turtle Twilight Constellation Night Light

This nightlight by Cloud b is not your grandmother's nightlight. Cloud b was founded in 2002 so it is a name that grandparents may not recognize.  They specialize in products that will help babies and children (older kids love these too) sleep and it is an absolutely beautiful line.  In fact at A Time to Play I made a video review of the Sea Turtle Twilight Constellation Night Light as my favorite in show.  Look for my video review next week. When lit it projects stars onto the ceiling in a choice of colors.  Based on Amazon reviews it is quite popular with older kids too.  The ladybug is very popular too and Amazon offers a two pack with one of each.

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Tunes



Daniel Tiger

Brand new on PBS this season is the “sequel” to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood featuring Daniel Tiger.  JAKKS Pacific has a new toy line featuring Daniel Tiger toys including a 7” plush,  a neighborhood friends set and of course the neighborhood trolly.  If you and your kids loved Mr. Rogers and your toddler grandchild loves Daniel Tiger check these out.  They are only available  at ToysrUs and online.

Daniel Tiger Plush


Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Neighborhood Trolley. Includes Daniel Tiger Figure


Cabbage Patch 30th Anniversary Doll

It’s the 30th anniversary of Cabbage Patch dolls and the new anniversary model has hair that can be brushed and style instead of yarn.  But she is still as cute as ever.  Also from JAKKS Pacific.

Cabbage Patch 30th Anniversary Doll


Transformer Construct Bots

 A Time to Play showcase featured lots of toys geared at boys but my favorites tended to be the ones my grandson is so interested in.  I brought home the Transformer Construct Bots – Autobot Hound from Hasbro and I know it will not burn a hole in Grandma’s bag of surprises.  When Pop gives Zach his next haircut I see it coming out of the bag for sure.  Boys - of all ages - love their transformers!

Transformers Construct Bots


LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser

The LEGO Friends line aimed at the girls market continues to be a favorite of mine.  The new Dolphin cruiser features MANY details and will definitely be a big seller this Fall.  Even if its not on your granddaughter’s wish list, you should consider it.  It will provide many hours of enjoyable play and has lots of developmental features.  It is on my personal highly recommended list.

LEGO Dolphin Cruiser



Minecraft Paper Sets

These paper sets come in various themes and sizes.  They are flat, compact and light when you buy the set.  You form the papers into blocks and set pieces.  This is a great item to do with grandfathers - it can be done sitting at a table and does not require over exertion.  It also is great for travel and an excellent activity at end of a busy day when you just want to relax a little.   I can picture working on this with a grandchild and having a conversation at the same time – a favorite activity of mine.

Minecraft Paper Set



More to come with more reviews and some giveaways.  Check back soon.  I took all of these pictures and rather than use the companies' perfect stock photos I used mine showing you exactly how i saw them displayed.  What do you think about this sampling of this year's toys?  Please leave your comments.




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