Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween with Trash Pack, Glitzi Globes and Play Doh!!!!

Halloween is always a big event at our house.  We live in a neighborhood that is perfect for trick or treating. There are sidewalks, street lights, short walkways to the houses and lots of participation. People drive to our neighborhood for their kids to Trick or Treat.  I really get into it and enjoy seeing the kids having a great time. I always have alternatives to candy.  I always have some candy and give a choice but about 70% choose the non candy offer.  I guess it helps when you have such wonderful choices.  I am not just tooting my own horn.  I have Litzky Public Relations and Moose Toys to thank for providing individual Trash Pack Trashies  and Glitzi Globes as our Halloween treats.

I also had the best Halloween helper ever.  My four year old Superman grandson enjoyed offering the choices to kids as they came to our door.

The trick is to offer the right options for each child.  So here's what we had.....

For young children I offer small Play-Doh containers. Younger children - and their parents - always are happy to get one of these.  The kids choose the color they want and usually they walk away from the house holding the play doh to show to their parents.  My grandson even walked down with this basket to make sure a child in a stroller got one too.  Kids in the 5 - 7 age range also seem to like Halloween stickers.  I highly recommend having these to give to young children.  They are a runaway winner.

 With a Trash Pack and a Glitzi Globe

The Trash Pack is well known and flew out of the large bowl like hot cakes.   Trash Pack Trashies are popular with girls too - they are not just for the boys!  One boy asked for one for his friend too.  When I asked where was his friend he said, “He was looking for this house.”  I guess the word was out that we were giving Trash Pack treats.

The Glitzi Globes were more appealing to the girls but they also were popular.

Here is what the Trash Pack stash looked like before and after Halloween Trick or treaters were done with us....

My grandson was such a good helper that I offered him one of the few remaining Trash Packs as a thank you for his help and he was both surprised and happy with the extra trashie.

One last picture....The big bowl of Glitzi Globes...also popular....

Thanks again Litzky Public Relations and Moose!


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