Monday, November 18, 2013

The Nancy B Science Club - Review and Giveaway!!!

My picture of the Nancy B Science Line Taken at Toy Fair 2013
Update (12/4/13):  Congratulations to Tracy Euler who won the Nancy B Microscope.

Every year I go to the massive Toy Fair in New York and look at a zillion – that may be literally – new toys, crafts, puzzles, plush and anything else a kid might like.  Much of it I walk pass by.  Completely off my list is anything violent or princess like.  The technology driven stuff fascinates me but I never seem to be able to warm up to it enough to want to write about it.  I am drawn to toys we had as kids with updated twists and everything from Mr. Potato Head to Legos has been reviewed here.
And then there are the new products and new companies that us grandparents may not be familiar with but are worth learning about. Grandparents have something special to offer and I look for products that have these two features: 
(1) Items that may be overlooked by a parent and may spark an interest that otherwise would be missed
(2) Items that have potential for working together with your grandchild

The Nancy B Science line has both of these characteristics and I am very impressed with the quality of the materials in the kits.
Long before I became a grandmother I had a career in engineering.  When I see the statistics of girls today pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) I realize how far we have come and how far we need to go. We are sorely in need of more kids choosing careers in these fields and we simply can’t dismiss the possibilities for half the population.
For many of us our careers are rooted in childhood play and interests. But just like building toys, science toys have featured themes that are more interesting to boys.  Nancy B’s Science Club provides a fresh face with attractive packaging.  But that's not all.  The tools and activities with the kits are designed to appeal to girls.  When our kids were young we had great times with science experiments and I look forward to doing this with my grandson.  These experiment toys can easily provide opportunities to work - and have fun - with  grandchildren.
I am delighted to be able to offer the Nancy B Microscope as a giveaway on this blog.  Here are some pictures of what's included:

The Nancy B Science Club line of toys is award winning and recommended by a broad spectrum of reviewers. Here are some of the awards and accolades:

Microscope: 2013 Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner and chosen by FamilyFun magazine as one of their top toys of the year  

Moonscope: 2013 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Winner and chosen by Parent’s magazine as one of the best holiday toys

Aquascope: 2013 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Winner
Other places that the Nancy B Science Club made the "best of" and recommended lists include Good Housekeeping, Wired magazine and

Giveaway Details
It is easy to enter and there are two ways.   I need to be able to contact you if  you win. If you enter -  email me with your email address at  I will not use your email address for anything except to notify you if you win.  Grandmother’s Honor.

    1)  Leave a comment here on the blog 
a     and/or

You can have two entries by doing both.  Deadline to enter: December 2, 2013 at midnight. The winner will be selected using

 This item can be sent to US addresses only.

Full Disclosure:  This review is completely my own opinion and I was not reimbursed for it in any way.  I did not receive a review sample.  I was able to see the out-of-box display at Toy Fair.
You can purchase Nancy B Science Club items from Amazon.  See information below:


alphabeticals said...

What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for hosting it : )

Unknown said...

I love The Nancy B Science Club website and I love this microscope. I have tried to win this before in another giveaway. I love science and my granddaughter does too. I would love to get her the microscope for Christmas.

Niclan80 said...

My daughter would love this.Science is her favorite subject. She has been asking for a microscope all year.It would make a great Christmas gift for her.

Susan Adcox said...

I agree that we need to encourage girls in science. My 10-year-old granddaughter would love this.

Unknown said...

I think it is great that Nancy B Science Club promotes children's involvement in discovery and that they allow them to learn at their pace and that it is fun to learn science.

Jill M said...

My 4 year old has a microscope on her Santa list. Thank you for the opportunity!

Danielle Porter said...

Thanks for this great giveaway! I emailed you from rqballporter at gmail dot com!