Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Celebrate National Play Doh Day - DohVinci – for Older Kids

Today is national Play Doh Day!!  Yeah!!!  For the occasion I thought I would write about something new from Play Doh and oriented for an older child.  In August I attended a small Hasbro show for bloggers which featured new products.  My favorite is this new line from Play Doh – DohVinci – which is aimed at children older than the traditional pre-school.  Recommend over ages 6 and up.

Here I am at the work table creating a decorated picture frame

DohVinci is a new air dry compound that fit into a styler and squezzed unto any surface that you like.  There are different attachments for different designs.  You let it air dry and voila – you have a 3-D work of art.  At the event we had the opportunity to decorate a frame with DohVinci, let it dry and take it home.

Here are the simple directions on display at the show

Okay, So I'm not much an artist - but I sure had fun.

There are sets you can buy to decorate such as this one....
DohVinci Style and Store Vanity Kit

This is a great product for a craft at a sleepover birthday party or a grandparent visit.  It would make a fun project for a grandmother and school age child to do together - perhaps making homemade holiday gifts.  Check it out - available in stores and at Amazon.  See some Amazon links below.

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