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Holiday Gift Guide - Part 1: Little Ones – Baby, Toddler, Pre-School

This is the first ANNUAL Holiday Gift guide for The Grandma Chronicles. It is so big that I am going to present it in a separate post for each section.

The Grandma Chronicles Holiday Gift Guide will have a separate blog post for each of sections:
  •  Little Ones – Baby, Toddler, Pre-School
  • Older Kids – Kindergarten and up
  • Games
  • Brings Back Memories – Toys, Some Updated Your Kids Played W
  • Christmas Themes
  • Over the Top - Only a Grandparent Would Consider 
 It is a little different than many of the other holiday guides. Here’s how:

All the gifts are ones that a grandparent will be interested in.  Some grandparents are on a tight budget and some are able to afford the gift with “extra splash that isn’t in the parents’ budget.”  Grandparents tend to be interested in value, something their grandchildren will appreciate when the Christmas wrappings are cleared and doesn’t depend too much on batteries and apps.  You’ll find those things on this list.

This is the only Holiday List of toys I know of with a “Brings Back Memories” section.  When I visit various Toy Shows I am always drawn to toys that my kids played with that are coming back and have new life for this generation.  You’ll see those in a separate section in this guide.  I promise you they will bring a smile to your face and memories of your kids as children.

It is homey and down to earth with my informal and informative commentary. 

 There are some big name company items on this list and there are also brands you may not have heard of, but I am familiar with them and recommend them.  They offer quality and value and the toys are the sort of things that become favorites.  I have personally seen all of the toys on this list - many out of the box.

Almost all of the pictures shown are taken by me.  They are shown just like I saw them on display at various media events in New York during the year. They may not be perfect but I prefer them to the stock photos.

If you are like me you don’t really relish a trip to ToysRUs or the toy department of WalMart.  I do visit ToysRUs, but I must admit that I don’t care for the layout these days and I am happy to shop online so everything on this guide is available at  I suggest you check out other online options for price comparisons but don’t forget to evaluate shipping costs in your price comparisons.  You can also do a price comparison at the Time to Play website for some items.

Little Ones – Baby, Toddler, Pre-School

Twilight Noah's Ark from Cloudb
Twilight Noah’s Ark This multifaceted toy can be a real charm at bedtime.  The top detaches and inside are 4 soft plush finger puppet animals.  Perfect for quiet bedtime play.  When the top is on the nightlight projects a starry night scene on the ceiling.  See more in my review here.  

Fresh Picked Fruit and Veggie Tote – Young children love to play with play food.  This set is reasonably priced and has great reviews.  The fruit and veggies art soft and easy for young children to handle.  On Parents say the little ones like the bag too.

Paw Patrol - Chase's Cruiser by Nickelodeon - 
Marshall, Rubble and Chase are Paw Patrol characters shown by Nickelodeon

Paw Patrol characters are rock stars for the 2 – 5 year old set.  There are 5 pups so make sure you are getting a favorite or some that will complete your grandchild’s set. These get rave reviews.  Chase comes with Chase character and cruiser and two cones.   



Lili Grenadine Heart Doll by Corolle

Babicorolle Miss Grenadine's Heart Doll and Lili Grenadine Heart Doll by Corolle-   These soft plush dolls are 9 ½ inches tall and perfect for a first doll.  Corolle is a French company and these dolls get the highest review marks and are the highest quality .  They have the Corolle signature vanilla scent. The Corolle booth is always my favorite visit at Toy Fair.

Play Doh Diggin Rigs Tonka Chuck 'n Friends Brick Mill Set
Play Doh Diggin Rigs Tonka Chuck 'n Friends Brick Mill Set – The Play Doh Diggin Rigs collection includes a power crane, steamroller,excavator, buzzsaw and various building sets.  Bob the Builder fans will love these playsets that come with play doh colors suitable for road and building projects. My grandson is 5 and still enjoys the steamroller I bought 2 years ago.  The play doh colors are building and road colors and this adds to the imaginative play.
Play Doh Diggin' Rigs Buzzsaw

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J said...

I enjoyed seeing your recommendations and comments! While it's true that "old favorites" are coming back to entertain our grandchildren, I am so glad I saved Fisher Price toys from my own kids. The quality of those far surpasses the reissued ones!
My grandkids are crazy about Paw Patrol!