Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Grand Share #2 and Trying to Enjoy Thor

Thor as seen from my kitchen

It’s March and it is of course in like a lion in New Jersey.  That is always the case and the good news is that it goes out like a lamb. "Thor" - the second snow of the week -  is coming down like crazy.  The good news is that my grandson lives in town and I get to see him even when the weather is bad.  Zach was here for a sleepover over the weekend and I wrote about it on Sunday – you can see that post here. (It's been a popular post so check it out.)

In January I wrote my first link party post and it was wonderful to have other bloggers post their links on my blog.  So here we go again.  I am naming this series "The Grand Share."  But you don’t have to be a grandparent to join in.  All are welcome to share your link.  Only rules – no porn and no violence in the posts.

As I said everyone is welcome and I really want to develop the grandparent network so grandparent bloggers - please, please do join in.

In case you haven't joined a link party before you should know that is super easy.   Just provide a thumbnail and link to your blog and my readers will visit your blog.  Any topic is okay.  Share a story about your kids or grandkids, a product review, a recipe, a travel story, even advice etc.  It's all welcome.
I guess you can see that I haven't started to shovel out of Thor yet....Maybe tomorrow.

I am going to start off by sharing one of my own links.

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