Monday, April 20, 2015

A Baby Shower at Home Celebration

Last week we hosted the baby shower for my daughter-in-law at our house.  I thought I’d share a few highlights – and maybe give you some ideas – in case hosting a baby shower is in your future. I prefer to have events like showers at home rather than in a hall or restaurant. But I must be honest it is a lot of preparation work. Anyway this post is all about the celebration and fun parts. 

Before people arrived a bunch of us were cooking and decorating….. 


Although we were set up for an inside party, the weather was so beautiful that half of it spontaneously moved outside. One of my favorite activities for a baby shower is to have guests decorate onesies with fabric markers. And this was one creative crowd. The onesies were decorated at a table in the family room and then hung on a line in front of the garage. Moms and Grandmas also enjoyed filling out “Advice Cards” for the soon to be Mom. These activities all were started as soon as people arrived –right after getting a Mimosa or glass of punch and were well underway before the guest of honor arrived.

After a buffet lunch we gathered in our living room to watch Isabel open gifts. Here is one gift that didn’t get unwrapped it is a diaper cake (It has over 100 diapers!) that my niece made.  You can’t have a baby shower without getting at least one hand knitted blanket. Cousin Bea made this one – Isn’t it beautiful?


A Pack of Essentials
The Owl will be perfect in the forest themed nursery

Then Isabel read the advice cards. The very first one said – “Don’t listen to anyone’s advice.”  After huge laughter, she read the rest of the advice. There is serious advice, advice to enjoy every moment and young mother truth advice.

Next up - prizes for two of the onesies – the father and grandfather both got to choose their favorites. 

The theme for the nursery is forest and so the favors were owl themed.
The other thing we did is ask people if they wanted to bring a book for Baby's First Library to bring them unwrapped.  Sorry that I don't have a picture but we also had a table display of books - what a nice selection.

Well, that's it.  It was a great party and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  I hope you enjoyed my "Baby Shower Report."  Do you have ideas for a baby shower to share?  Please leave a comment and share them here.

Less that 3 months to go and I'll be a grandmother for a second time.  I am so looking forward to it.


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