Friday, April 24, 2015

Raggedy Ann 100th Anniversary Winner and More Stories

Usually if I have a giveaway, I just have an update on top of the blog with the winner’s first name and notice that the giveaway is closed.  However, the responses to the 3 Raggedy Ann and Andy 100th Anniversary Doll giveaway garnered so many personal stories and stories of lifetime interest in Raggedy Ann that I just had to write another article about the winner and the blog comments about this giveaway. 

The winner of the dolls is Greta Eber. This was Greta’s comment on my blog: “I have been collecting Raggedy Ann since I was 2 years old and now as a stay at home mom of 4, I make Raggedy Anns for friends and fellow collectors. Love hearing from other collectors! Thanks!”

I asked Greta if she would tell us a little bit about her history with Raggedy Ann for this post.   Here is what Greta had to say:

I received my first Raggedy Ann for my 2nd birthday.  My mom had a little lady from church make her for me and I took "Aggie" everywhere I went.  When I wore the first doll out, the lady made me a second doll and eventually a 3rd.  I still have my original homemade girls.  I got my first "store bought" Ann when I was 6 and she has been to college with me and even went to the hospital when I had all 4 of my kids.  Over the years, I've picked up Raggedy Anns here and there and have had many dolls given to me.  Last year I made my first ever Raggedy Ann and took her to the Raggedy Rally in Arcola, IL.  Since then I've made around 20 Raggedy Anns and Andys and some Camels.  I love that Raggedy Ann is soft, durable, and perfect for cuddling.  My daughter is now starting to enjoy Raggedy Ann and she will be going to the Rally with me this year in June.”

Here is Greta with her first Raggedy Ann doll - Isn't she cute?

I wonder if Greta and her daughter will be bringing any new Raggedy Anns with them?  I had no idea - This is just remarkable.  I am so delighted that Greta won the dolls.  Greta blogs about her family at and she has lots to share as the mother of 4.

Kathy Ellis left a comment on my facebook page  announcing this year's Raggedy Ann Rally with a huge celebration for her 100th anniversary.  Learn more here.    And if you go, please post pictures here and on my facebook page for all to enjoy.

To tell the truth – I have never felt this way with ANY giveaway – but I wish I had a hundred to give away – I know that all would have found wonderful homes with everyone who left a comment.

This post brought back many happy memories described by commenters.  They also had handmade dolls, Raggedy Ann bedspreads, and Halloween costumes.  Some posters still have their dolls and would like to be able to give one to a daughter or granddaughter.
Here are some of the touching comments made on the original giveaway post:

Heather said, “Thank you for this beautiful background and the giveaway. My mom would love these. She is a military wife (my dad is now retired) and I am also now a proud military wife. Throughout all of our moves, somewhere my mom lost her beloved Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. The stars and stripe theme would be meaningful and my parents anniversary party is coming up in two weeks. I could not imagine adding this to the gift list! :)”

Aliza said, “I remember when I was little (in the 80's) everyone loved Raggedy Ann. My aunts made me a twin blanket that has Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy and a pillowcase to match. To this day I have them and use them on my bed still. It brings back such good memories of my loving family.”

Amy said, “Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! When I was younger my mum used to read us kids raggedy anne stories every night before bed. She made my childhood wonderful!”

Teresa said, “I took my daughter to see the Raggedy Ann & Andy Museum in Arcola, Illinois when we were visiting family. That was about 6 or 7 years ago. I think it is closed now. The granddaughter of the creator of the dolls, Joni signed a Raggedy Ann doll for my daughter. I remember my Raggedy Ann I had as a child.”

Ricci said, “OMG! Seeing this post brought back a lot of memories! I had a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll set that I loved to pieces! I would love to win this for my daughter!”

Thanks to everyone who commented on the Raggedy Ann giveaway post.  I hope it made you smile and remind you of your own experience.  Even if you didn’t win you can still buy an anniversary doll or treasury of stories book.  See the links below.

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