Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Backyard TMNT 6th Birthday Party

Earlier this month we hosted our grandson’s sixth birthday party.  It was an old fashioned backyard party.  I am more convinced than ever that even today this is the best kind of birthday party.  Kids have lots of organized activities and not enough free time to just be themselves and naturally creative.  The parents also enjoyed the ability to be outside and social with other adults rather than standing in the back watching the organized activities.  Here how the day went:

Zach helped bake and decorate his TMNT Birthday Cake

The party had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme’ and Zach came early to help bake and decorate the cake.  Pillsbury now has prepared frosting in colors including “TMNT Green.”  Zach was proud of this homemade cake.  Just like his Mom, he wanted a homemade cake rather than a store bought one. 

When the party goers arrived, they immediately got involved with free play.  The yard still has the swings that my kids used and a new addition is the Little Tikes Alligator seesaw hand-me-down from my niece.  The small plastic pool filled with small plastic balls completed the setup.  Everyone got a Ninja Turtle mask when they arrived so they could get in character if they chose to.

About half the kids were girls so we set up a table with some fancy beads to make jewelry for anyone who preferred that to running around and sure enough that was a popular activity too. Some of the boys were interested too.

Pop was at the grill and cooked hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids and adults too.  Everybody was ready for lunch when it was ready.

After lunch there was more free play and party games.  The games were very popular.  There was “Pin the Pizza on TMNT Michaelangelo” which is an updated version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey and a ring toss. 

Pin the Pizza on TMNT Michaelangelo - What great fun!

Finally it was time to sing Happy Birthday and have the cake.

The kids chose their favorite TMNT character mask

Some of Zach’s fans gave him a hug before they left.  I don’t have pictures of the goody bags but they were TMNT cups (reuseable) with favors in them.

Yes, this was a lot more work than taking 13 kindergarteners (plus a few siblings) to an organized party place.  But it was also a lot more fun for all. Definitely worth it -  I highly recommend it.