Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pumpkin and Apple Picking on a Beautiful Fall Day

One of the favorite things that my grandson and I love to do is visit a farm and pick pumpkins and apples in the Fall.  Today was our annual visit to Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ.  Alstede's is a large working farm where you can pick fruits and vegetables from the Spring to the Fall.  It turns into a full Fall festival at this time of year.  This year we had the most beautiful, sunny, early Autumn day imaginable.

When you first arrive there is this giant haystack climbing structure that kids love.  While I went to buy the admission tickets, my daughter watched my grandson climb to the top and jump down - over and over,

Zach loves the haystack so much he was willing to smile for this picture

Next up a long bouncy ride to the apple trees where we made our first stop and picked apples.  Then onto the Pumpkin Patch.  If you go late in the season, as we frequently have, the green leaves of the pumpkin plants are gone and the pumpkins are mostly surrounded by dirt.  I was so happy that this year we made it early in the season and the pumpkin patch is still vibrant with green leaves on the plants.  Finding the perfect pumpkin is so much more fun when you have to look under the leaves to inspect them.  And the pumpkin has this truly fresh picked vibrancy about it.

Finding the perfect pumpkin - and indeed it is!

Mom wanted in on finding a good pumpkin
 In the end, we chose three pumpkins.  Three!!!
The hayride was fun but there was no interest in having any more pictures taken.

Even though Zach was done having his picture taken, this was such a good picture of Zach's Mom, that I had to add this one anyway.

Zach also picked some potatoes and there was a bumper crop of raspberries available but he wanted blackberries and they were mostly done.

After a morning of hard work picking apples, pumpkins and potatoes we had lunch.  Then it was time for the bouncy house.  We topped the day off feeding animals - there were plenty of them - but Zach chose ducks and goats to feed.   Then we were all tired and so we were ready for the long drive home.

This is a great activity for grandparents to host with their grandchildren.  My daughter, Fran and I, enjoyed the day and my grandson certainly had a great time.  What more can you ask for?

Here are some Fall themed children's books.  It is always fun to compliment an outing with a book on the same theme.


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