Monday, October 26, 2015

A Thoughtful Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween?  Finally, I am.  Our neighborhood is perfect for Halloween trick or treating. There are sidewalks and short walkways to the houses. People drive to our neighborhood for their kids to Trick or Treat. I always have candy and non-candy choices and the non-candy choices are very popular. 

Having non-candy choices is important.  Last year the Food Allergy Research and Education Association (FARE) initiated the TEAL Pumpkin program and I participated in its inaugural year.  You can download a sign here so trick or treaters and their parents/guardians can see that you offer non-candy treats.  

Last year I had a parent notice the sign and thank me. This year this program is catching traction so I expect more people to look for a sign.  You can learn more about FARE and the program here.

Need ideas for non-candy treats?  I have some tried and true favorites. Here are my non-candy choices.  Included are items for different ages.  Play-doh (you can get these 15 small can packages making each treat reasonably priced) is for the youngest children but I find that even the 7-9 year olds like the play-doh.  Pencils and erasers with Halloween themes, stickers for various ages, and "Frozen" whistles are staples. The "eyeball" bubbles I bet will be popular. See what looks like green and red dots - they are actually little "jewel" stickers.  I will cut them in a green+red strip for each treat.  I also set my treats in baskets appropriate for younger or older kids and only offer the approriate one.  

It may sound like I am a control freak about Halloween, and perhaps I am, but I do enjoy it.

Yes, I have Hershey bars too and a favorite with the kids - lollipops.  I have blow pops, tootsie roll pops and Jolly Rancher pops.  These will fly out of here too.

We have lots of trick or treaters.  Around 4 PM the little ones start arriving (Lots of play-doh treats) and by 5 PM the 5 - 7 year olds are out in force (stickers and Frozen whistles will dominate).  The 7 and up will flood our block by 6 PM (pencils, erasers, eyeball bubbles, jewel stickers - and yes the play-doh will round out the offerings.)

Then our grandson will be with us for a sleepover.  He will change from his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume to his TMNT pajamas and I will read The Berenstain Bears Ghost of the Forest or In the Dark book.  I'd like to read Apples and Pumpkins but I'm pretty sure that won't be one of the choices.

If you write, facebook or tweet about this, don't forget to use the hashtag - #tealpumpkinproject

Enjoy Halloween, we plan to here!


Lisa@GrandmasBriefs said...

This is such an important initiative. Cheers to you for spreading the word on the #tealpumpkinproject.

Happy Halloween to you and yours! (And THANK YOU for sharing this in the GRAND Social!)

Marion Conway said...

Thanks Lisa. I hope you and your family have a Happy Halloween too and kudoos to you too for promoting the #tealpumpkinproject.