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Peanuts and Star Wars Hot Toys, Toys for Children of All Ages and a Giveaway!

The Grandma Chronicles ANNUAL Holiday Gift Guide is in two sections and each section will feature a giveaway. Giveaway details are at the end of the post.
The two Holiday Guide sections are:
 - Peanuts and Star Wars Hot Toys and Toys for Children of All Ages (This Post)

- Toys for Kids that Grandparents Will Love (See Post Next Week)

This guide is a little different than other holiday guides. Here’s how: 

All the gifts are grandparent approved.  Some are new versions of toys that we remember that our kids played with or even we did ourselves.  Some are for budget conscious grandparents and some are for those grandparents who buy the extravagant gift that is not in the parents’ budget.

This guide features items that can stay at the grandparents’ house and not take up a lot of room or can easily be transported for a visit.  Toys and games that grandparents can play with a grandchild are my personal favorites.

The guide is peppered with my commentary.  I have personally seen everything on this list - many out of the box and some I have even played with my grandson.  They offer quality and value and the toys are the sort of things that become favorites.   The pictures shown have almost all been taken by me.  I either took the pictures at a show display or in my kitchen.  

Almost everything in this guide is available at  I suggest you check out other online options for price comparisons. Online shopping is a great way to go but prices do vary so comparison shopping is important.

Holiday Guide Part 1: 

Today the most popular toys are those with movie and TV Show themes.  The Peanuts Movie premiers on November 6th.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be a major blockbuster and premiers on December 18th.  Toys with these themes will be among the hottest toys this season so here a few of my favorites…..

For the younger children Peanuts featured items….

The Peanuts Matching Game by Wonder Forge
Peanuts Matching Game

I love Wonder Forge games because they are well designed, appeal to kids, feature current and classic popular characters and are value priced.  I am thrilled that Wonder Forge is sponsoring a giveaway of The Peanuts Matching Game with this post!  Giveaway details are at the end of the post.  My grandson and I have enjoyed many hours with the Marvel Heroes Matching game and I can attest to this being an excellent grandparent/grandchild game to play with younger children.  If they have seen the new Peanuts Movie, they will love this game.  Even a three year old can enjoy these simple Matching games and older kids will enjoy playing this game with younger ones.

Happy Dance Snoopy by Just Play
Happy Dance Snoopy

This adorable plush Snoopy dances to the Peanuts theme music.  Give him a kiss and he will return the kiss, laugh and howl.  The demo for this at the TTPM showcase in September drew a crowd. Adults will be as engaged as the kids.  This is a TTPM Most Wanted List winner.

Stars Wars: The Force Awakens will arrive with a force indeed……
When I was at the LEGO store in NYC last week for a LEGO Star Wars preview I had my own awakening.  Adults may be even more interested in Star Wars toys than the kids.  I saw several fathers and sons looking over the Star Wars playsets and the fathers were more starry eyed (excuse the puns) than the children.  None of them were saying “Choose one” like a mother would.  Rather it was clear multiple sets were going to fly out of the store.  Anything Star Wars is going to be big with a wide age range but here are a few of the "stars":

Play-Doh Star Wars Millennium Falcon Featuring Can-Heads
Play-Doh Star Wars
Yes, Star Wars is even for young children.  There is a TV show for them called Droid Tales.  This Play-Doh set includes a Millennium launcher, 5 playdoh cans, and 5 removable engine molds.  I gave this set to my grandson the day he got his flu shot.  He and Pop had a great time playing with it.  Apparently, launching play-doh missiles is a lot of fun.  I bet we will see more of these cans with character labels.  My grandson really liked them.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon
LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon
LEGO has a bunch of new Star Wars sets based on The Force Awakens Movie.  Look for the red/gold cylinder near the top of the package to make sure it is a new set related to the movie.  This one is the premier, most coveted Star Wars set if you are looking for the perfect gift for the Star Wars struck.  Of, course, you could buy several and not go wrong. This is a TTPM Most Wanted List Winner.

Star Wars Pictopia by Wonder Forge
Star Wars Pictopia
This Star Wars trivia game features 1,000 questions on the iconic planets, ships, villains, and heroes from a galaxy far, far away. The game requires strategy, teamwork, ability to fool others, and yes, Star Wars knowledge to win.  This will be a winner with all Star Wars fans.  This game is available on Amazon and specially priced at Target.

And for Children of All Ages……
Since I have been going to toy shows and writing about them for years, I know that lots of adults enjoy and collect toys.  Men and women.  I can see which toys the adults are looking at for the kids and which ones they covet for themselves.  Here are some toys that you or another adult in your life might be interested in this holiday season.

Raggedy Ann 100th Anniversary Doll from Aurora World
Raggedy Ann and Andy 100th Anniversary Dolls
Shouldn’t every child have a Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy doll?  Raggedy Ann is celebrating her 100th anniversary this year and there are special dolls to celebrate the occasion.  This will be a truly special gift for doll collectors of any age.

Ty Sports Themed Beanie Babies
Sports Theme Beanie Babies by Ty
Do you still have your Beanie Babies collection?  Would you like to add to it with these brand new sports team beanies?  What a super stocking stuffer  for beanie baby collector/sports fans.

Strawberry Shortcake 35th Birthday Limited Edition Classic Retro Rag
Strawberry Shortcake 35th Anniversary Doll
Doll by Bridge Direct
Strawberry Shortcake is back and she is popular. Mom just may want this one for herself.  This 14 inch rag doll is dressed just like the original and is, of course, scented.  Collectors will love this one. The mothers are always fussing over the Strawberry Shortcake items at the shows I attend.

LEGO Brick Bounty Pirate Ship
Lego The Brick Bounty Pirate Ship
The original LEGO pirate ship debuted in 1989 and my son had a whole scene set up with it in our basement.  We made a table out of an old plywood door set on patio blocks and it was covered in fabric remnants representing the land and sea.  It provided many hours of imaginative play.  Maybe you had one too.  This new set is a replica of the original. Look at those beautiful masts!  There are 47 reviews on Amazon and it has a five star rating.  Adults have bought this for themselves and also are enjoying working on it with a child – grandpas too….

The Polar Express Train by Lionel
The Lionel train sets come in various themes
Shouldn’t your Christmas tree have a Lionel train under it?  Of course it should.  The only question is whether the kids, parents or grandparents will enjoy it more.  Make sure you know what you are getting.  The less expensive g-gauge is plastic and can easily be enjoyed by young children.  The o-gauge die cast metal version is more expensive and classical.  They will also be enjoyed by collectors and children of all ages.  I wish I had a better picture but this is the one I took at the TTPM showcase in the Fall.

Giveaway Details
It is easy to enter and there are two ways. Both ways count as an entry so you get two entries if you do both.  I need to be able to contact you if you win. If you enter -  email me with your email address at  I will not use your email address for anything except to notify you if you win.  Grandmother’s Honor.

Two ways to win:

Leave a comment here on the blog


You can have two entries by doing both.  Deadline to enter: November 17, 2015 at midnight. This item can be sent to US addresses only.

Update:  The giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations Amy, winner of the Peanuts Matching Game.


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