Wednesday, December 23, 2015

LEGO Star Wars Wordless Wednesday

In October I went to a special Lego Star Wars event at the New York LEGO store and I blogged about it. I admit I was a Star Wars newbie and although I haven't yet seen Star Wars - The Force Awakens I am now much better informed. A good deal of my increased knowledge is due to this poster I received at the LEGO Star Wars event. The poster has two sides. This is "The Dark Side" 

24inx36in LEGO Star Wars Poster - The Dark Side

And this is "The Light Side"
24inx36in LEGO Star Wars Poster - The Light Side

Here are a couple of close ups:

You can read more about my visit and the new LEGO Star Wars LEGO sets for The Force Awakens here.

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tim mark said...

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