Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Playmobil Egg- Enjoy for Easter, Passover and Springtime Fun

Playmobil is known for high quality playsets that children put together themselves and then enjoy imaginative play. It is a rare review that is written the same day that the item arrives in the mail.  However, today our grandson was here when this arrived in the mail and he enjoyed playing with it so much that I started writing about it while he was still visiting. This is a perfect springtime toy and priced at just $9.99 it makes an excellent addition to an Easter basket or grandparent gift. 

Playmobil introduces new eggs every Spring and you can order one with a theme best suited for the child who will receive the gift.  This year’s new sets are:

Zookeeper with Alpaca
Pirate on Treasure Hunt
Mermaid with Seahorses
Soccer Player with Goal

I requested the Zookeeper with Alpaca and was glad I did!

Playmobil Zookeeper with Alpaca

My grandson enjoyed last year’s Playmobil egg  - The Boy with a Tractor and he was excited to have a new one to add to his collection. As soon as he saw it Zach said, “It’s a gold egg!” 

He enjoyed putting it together and started his own imaginative play even before it was finished.  He talked about how it could play with it with his blue egg and down that came the Playmobil collection that is kept in Pop’s home office.
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Zach  made different settings with the set

Here are the two eggs together as my grandson arranged them for this picture:

Playmobil Boy with Tractor joins the Zookeeper with Alpaca

 Finally, Zach arranged his whole collection kept at our house and smiled for this picture:

Zach with his Playmobil collection

 This picture includes the Fire Chief and Car set and the Soccer Carrying Case Play set.

Check out the Amazon links below.  This is a winner.

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