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Highlights of Toy Fair NY 2016 – Dolls! Dolls! Dolls!

Last week I wrote my other Highlights of Toy Fair post which included everything but dolls.  This one is only dolls.  There were such wonderful dolls at Toy Fair that I thought they deserved their own post.  So here it is.  These are all my pictures – no stock photos -so they may not be perfect but they are real.  It is always nice to see the dolls “out of the box”.

This post covers a wide variety of dolls. There are dolls for young children, older girls and adult collectors.  I have included popular brands, specialty brands and start-up company dolls.  The collector dolls are at the end – even if you are not in the market for them I hope you enjoy reading about them.

Cabbage Patch Kids by Wicked Cool Toys

In the 80s the Cabbage Patch dolls were all the rage and they are back in full force.  These version of the new dolls are little kids – not babies -  and they come individualized with adoption papers and unique name just like the originals.  Now your doll can also adopt a pet. Each doll comes with a key for the future pet’s heart (See the key on the right hand of the doll in the package). The key unlocks the pets heart.  Dog and cat pets are available for the doll to adopt.  They of course have their own adoption papers.  I am so lucky to have received this one in the box as a sample and she is lovely.  “Tamara” will be making a little girl very happy.

Barbie by Mattel  - Fashionistas and Renee Spy Squad

The new Barbies have been in the news so you may have heard about them.  I got see all of them at Toy Fair- even the ones not on the market yet are shown here.  They are short, tall and curvy (that means a little fuller in figure).  There also is a variety of hair and skin tones.  All this variety is in their Fashionista doll line.  It is quite a lineup.  The basic doll is $9.99 and in the Spring you can purchase some of them with two additional outfits for $19.99.  I bet these will be a popular birthday gift – priced just right.  And every little girl can use another Barbie.  

 I have always liked the Barbie career themed dolls and I bought “Office Barbie” for my daughter in the 80s.  Today careers that women aspire to are more adventurous so here we have Renee – the Secret Agent in this Barbie Spy Squad doll.  The bag she is holding has a gown in it so she can change to a secret disguise.  For all the criticism, Barbie has always had a modern touch.  I think that is why she endures.

Madeline by Yottoy

Every little girl loves the Madeline books, and this will be a loved doll.  This 16 inch doll is soft with bright color she looks exactly like Madeline in the books. Can’t you just see her being hugged as you read a Madeline book at bedtime.  She is adorable, I assure you.  This  doll gets rave reviews on Amazon.  You can also purchase the dog Genevieve.

Disney Princess – Elena Avalor by Hasbro

The Disney Princess dolls are very popular and little girls frequently have collections of them.  In August, Elena Avalor will become the first Latin American doll and she is spectacular.  Since Latin Americans are so family oriented, Elena will also have a little sister – Isabel, who is interested in science.

Bebe Cheri by Corolle

Corolle is the premium French Doll brand and they make exquisite dolls for children.  Their newest doll is large and undressed.  Bebe Cheri fits into size 3 month baby clothes so she/he can be dressed in your child’s own baby clothes.  The doll can have a whole wardrobe at no extra cost. Dress her or him in a basic sleeper or a keepsake outfit. Here is the picture I took at the Corolle booth at Toy Fair.  These dolls are available at specialty stores and when I see it offered at a reasonable price at Amazon I will add the link below.

Asana – The Yoga Doll by AziamGirlz

Billed as the “first yoga doll,” this doll is designed to move with full range of motion in her hips, arms and knees and she also has a built in spinal extender to allow for forward and back bending. She can do any yoga contortion imaginable.  I saw multiple versions of this doll at Toy Fair but only Asana is available at Amazon right now while the others will become available during the year.  The dolls are sized like a Barbie doll and each comes with accessories. Asana comes with a pilates ball, 2 hand weights, yoga mat, slap bracelet and hairbrush.Later in the year dolls with a different cultural look will be available.

For the special occasion and collectors......

Laura Ingalls by The Queen’s Treasures

This is an authentically detailed 18 inch doll in a true Little House on the Prairie outfit.  The doll will be on the market in July and a complete line of accessories will also be available including the Little House wagon, cooking set, pony and dog.  If you want it all it will be hundreds of dollars.  I am sure it will be a draw for collectors.  The doll and whole set are really eye catching.

The Flower Girl and Bride Dolls by Madame Alexander

This small Flower Girl doll is the perfect remembrance gift for the flower girl in your wedding party.  She isn’t available on the market yet, but I will let you know when she is.

Bride Doll by Madame Alexander

Only serious collectors need apply. This 21 inch wedding doll is absolutely exquisite.  The doll is gorgeous and so is the wedding dress.  This doll, priced at $1000, is not meant to be played with.  She is definitely meant for serious collectors only.  And for the exceptionally serious…. Madame Alexander will recreate your own wedding dress and doll with your hair color for a mere $5000.

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