Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Summer Cheese Omelet – Thanks Again to Finlandia

I wasn’t planning on writing a second post about cooking with Finlandia cheese and butter but my husband and I had fun with our grilled cheese post and when he decided to make an omelet for lunch today he wanted his turn to be the featured cook with the Finlandia butter and cheese.  So here is another idea for a simple, easy to make delicious lunch or brunch – compliments of Chef Hugh.


4 eggs

3 slices Finlandia Swiss cheese

Finlandia butter
Your favorite salsa

Break 4 eggs in a medium bowl.  Add a small bit of water and whisk well.  


Heat a few pats of Finlandia on a large round skillet or frying pan and spread to cover the pan.

Pour the eggs onto the pan. Top with three slices of cheese in a single layer that will cover about 80% of the eggs in a large skillet.  Cook over medium heat.  Use a spatula to fold the omelets in half.

Cut in half and transfer to individual plates.  Top with salsa.

Viola!  Another gourmet lunch.  No we don’t eat like this every day.  Thanks Hugh.

Thanks to Finlandia which provided samples that inspired these recipes/posts.

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