Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sumptuous Grilled Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

Like most grandmothers, I DO cook.  I haven’t written about it much but once in a while I share a recipe.  Sometimes you need a nudge.  Well, Finlandia Cheese gave me a nudge.  They sent me a “care package” with Finlandia cheese and premium butter and asked me to share a recipe with you.  Well – here it is.  I is simple and classic. 

This grilled cheese and tomato on sliced semolina bread looks and tastes like a gourmet treat and it could not be easier to make.


3 1/2 oz Finlandia sliced Swiss cheese (Use ½  7 oz package and put the remainer back in the resealable plastic bag)

1 plum tomato

4 slices of sliced semolina bread (Please do not substitute white bread)

Finlandia butter

Slice the tomato.

Put pats of butter on one side of two slices of the bread.  

Melt butter on a griddle pan or frying pan.  Put the bread butter side down on the hot griddle.  Spread the sliced Swiss cheese topped with tomato on the bread. 

Cook with medium heat.  Now put pats of butter on one side of the remaining two slices of bread.  When the side on the griddle is golden brown put the second slice of bread on top and turn over.  Here is what you have when both sides are golden brown.

Served up looking as delicious as it tastes:

It is easy, takes five minutes and may be the best grilled cheese sandwich you will ever have.

A little more about the product:

The front label on the butter provides information that has the essence of “farm to table.” “Fresh from Finland” and “crafted with pure milk from family owned farms.  Nothing artificial.  No added hormones.” Gives you a warm feeling. Some of us are more drawn to the back with the nutrition facts (It is butter), and other legally required information.  Also something we don’t normally see: “Made with non GMA ingredients according to EU standards.”  If butter can be healthy, this is it.

I think the cheese is made here in the US as it doesn’t have any of this labeling.

Anyway, it is delicious and worth a try.  There are some great recipes on the Finlandia web site.  I can’t wait to try the Grilled Cran-Turkey sandwich.  See all the other Finlandia products here.


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